In the last week there has been an unprecedented killing spree within the city of Jehim. The victims are seemingly random, scattered across the city, social and racial barriers. Ordinarily criminal activity would be dealt with by the city guard but the killings of three members of the influential Epke family have raised the priority level significantly. This combined with the complete lack of evidence has led the authorities to turn to the RIS for aid.

Orders: Stop the killings through any means available to you. Mission is considered to be OPEN, however, as it takes place within Jehim city limits (Your primary area of operations) it is recommended that minimal efforts be taken to conceal identity. The Epke family has requested that their involvement in these murders be kept quiet.

Intel: Confirmed Victims: 11. Unconfirmed (Deceased, could be a coincidence) 7.

Victims are found all across the city without any apparent connection prior to the killing.

No evidence has been found at crime scenes to trace the killer. No signs of forced entry or foul play other than a violently killed person.

The one unifying factor used to place the 11 confirmed kills in the same category is that the wounds appear to be self inflicted.

3 witnesses to the killings, all highly traumatized, unable to give a coherent statement to the guards.

9 of the confirmed victims were identified as being within the Industrial district the day they were killed.

The Epke family (Dwarf) gained their wealth and position within the city by forming one of the first factories within the Industrial District. Epke Unlimited was originally founded to produce and maintain airships the company has since expanded to a number of enterprises and is now primarily focused on agricultural goods.

Resources: Standard ammunition, support potions, expendable gear (Up to 250gp/agent)

1 Lesser Minor Cloak/Party Member.

1 Lesser Minor Wrist/Party Member.

2 Wands (2 level or lower)/Party