A village comprised mostly of wood elves, Bracklevale is situated with a river running through it from the north which the inhabitants have used to their benefit. On either sides of the river are statues of Chauntea and Silvanus, the Earth mother and father. A grand wooden mill churns day and night making a rickety hum over the village. The houses are thatched with thick branches and leaves, or often carved into enormous trees, and the pavements are lit by bio luminescent flowers, the beauty of which can only be truly appreciated at night.

The only people of note are the town seer, a woman by the name of Yolande who claims to be able to read fortunes through varying acts of divination, and the town alchemist Juulpa. A recent sickness has been passing through the village and Juulpa is overrun trying to quarantine and treat the sick. Midnight vigils are held to pray for them, lit by the town’s bio luminescent glow.

Notable locations

Inn: The Humble Padfoot - run by siblings, Stigru and Fibberli. They have grown paranoid over the recent sickness and will keep the door locked to outsiders.

Notable factions

The Nurtured Earth