The dwarves of Deepholt, over hundreds of years and multiple generations, built the city of Deepholt into a small mountain, painstakingly hollowing out the rock and leaving behind a nigh-impenetrable wall surrounding it. The remains of this work can be seen in a series of ladders and rope pulleys still clung to the high rock walls of the city - presumably, once enough work was done to make a home, the dwarves didn’t feel the need to take them down. The sky is visible through a hole in the top of the mountain, and some dwarves who rarely leave the city only know the time of year due to the visible constellations.

In the last 200 years, gnomes have joined the dwarf in the city, adding their mechanical prowess to the already impressive mountain home. A steady hammering sound can always be heard across the city, and it boasts machines that other cities can only dream of.

The walls and doorways are lit with biodomes full of fireflies, and a self appointed gnome “Buglord” by the name of Frax checks on them daily. The moving lights combined with the moving mechanical parts make the city seem alive even on the quietest night.

Forgemaster Balthun leads the dwarves, with his gnome second in command Tinker Filfinkle.

Notable locations

Inn: The Wineskin and Barrel - the first building to be built after the hollowing of the mountain and it still stands to this day. It is easily double the size of any other inn in Stroghar, run by Bhalrom the Bearded and has a successful bakery attached - a popular place for drunk dwarves to stumble into.

Inn: The Tantric Brew - a place for brew connoisseurs to sample national ales with a touch of class. Stoutmaster Korvan gives sips freely - but more than a sip is a purchase, laddie.