Griffindine is a town located on the coast and known for it’s farming trade. Where it once was strictly a halfling town, it’s isolation and port made it a refuge for people fleeing from the Alderwick orc war, and due to this around a third of the population are also other races (who are willing to make sacrifices to live in a town where everything is half their size). The fishing trade combined with the animals the humans have raised since their occupation, have made the town quite profitable.

The gardens of Griffindine are perfectly coiffed and while not too colourful, are certainly pleasing to look at. The presiding mayor of the town, Osborn Tosscobble, has just inherited the position and is eager to prove his worth to the villagers, who see him as a businessman rather than a leader.

The houses are small and dome shaped, topped with a variety of grasses. The most outlandish homes, including the mayors, are freestanding and covered in rare flowers, but the smaller ones are built into and under the ground. This can make the town, already small in size and in height, seem emptier than most others.

Notable NPCs

Osborn Tosscobble - Halfling mayor of the town, formerly a master of trade. His business prowess did a lot for Griffindine.

Notable locations

Inn: The Screaming Mimic - The only tavern in the town, run by Adelaide. The ale is half the price but half the size.

Shop: Meat and More - Run by a human named Digby, and his halfling apprentice of varying quality, Myrtle.