Alura the Asimar Geisha


Played by Gene


At the age of three Alura was taken from her parents to pay off a debt to the Gem Dragons. Due to her beauty, She was trained as a Geisha. The masters sent her to study with the fey to hone her skills as an entertainer. She was the most beautiful and top of her class through the ten years of her training.

As she finished her training she was sent to an okiya under the Jade Dragon Empire as a maiko under Akra, the okiya’s most esteemed Geisha. After her debut she mesmerized all the patrons. Word spread about how her beauty is hypnotizing and during her five years as a maiko, everyone wanted to hire her. Alura even grabbed the attention of an elder Gem Dragons.

Love is forbidden to those on the path of a geisha; however, she eventually fell in love with a young dragonborn named (insert name) and he was in love with her. They knew this relationship is forbidden and understood the consequences so they kept it a secret.

After five years as a maiko, Akra deemed Alura ready to take bids for her Mizuage. The bids came in and a record high price was to be paid for her. Alura wavered and planned to runaway with (the dragonborn). Akra found out about the young dragonborn and as punishment put him on a ship headed toward an unknown place never to return. A few days later on the night of her mizuage, Alura ran away and got on a ship hoping to find (the dragonborn).

Chapter 0 - The Arrival Within the passenger cabin of the ship notable figures that stand out are a lizardman who calls himself Iba Batutin, and a suspicious man lurking in the shadows keeping mostly to himself. As Alura’s ship sails closer to its destination, Alura sees a man larger than life wading through the water. As we draw closer and closer to shore humanoid sea creatures pop out of the water and board the ship. The larger than man life aids the ship and fends off some of the sea creatures as does Iba Batutin. Alura notices one of them enter the cargo hold and upon entering the cargo hold the suspicious man stabs Alura allowing the sea creature to escape holding some trinket. Before the ship lands Alura charms the suspicious man who she suspects to be working with the sea creatures.

Upon landing at Red Hawk, Alura interrogates the suspicious man and eventually finds out he knows nothing and is then silenced permanently by Alura. She then heads to the inn and meets with the giant who had helped her on the ship a crab man and an elf.

Eventually, they report to the local town mayor and he gives us the task of retrieving the trinket. Before we leave the mayor told us to stop by the old crones house for some provisions to help us on our journey.

Chapter 1 - The Sea Hag and the trinket

Chapter 2 - The Mayor’s Deceit

Chapter 3 - A Dragons Task