Andre The Barbarian


“Mm” -Andre

“Words only carry as much weight as the steel in the hands of the one speaking.” - Andre

Played by Russ

Words. Words are the way of man. They have words and names for everything. They ask where I am from, they know, my kind are alive in their stories. We were carved on the highest peaks by the finest artisans, mountain born. My people serve the giants, they are stronger than us, it is the way of things, for now. My dreams are filled with the glorious deeds of my ancestors, deeds long forgotten. I fled my home to bring glory and one day freedom to my people. Andre’s life is greater than servitude. We are warriors. Our call is to fight worthy enemies. This journey will be talked of for generations with the words of man. Words are the way of man. Actions are the way of Legend. -Andre

Weak Mayor man asked to get the lost thing from the seamen. Mayor man too weak to get it himself, need strong men to get it. How can someone so weak be in charge? Went into swamp to find seamen. Weak man who supposed to guide us lost whole time. Not good guide. Fought strange frogs, they kidnap people from village. We kill them later since Mayor not strong enough. Maybe I become Mayor. We fight giant spiderman, Crab man bite him in brain. Crab man strong. We go to cave where seamen live, we kill them. Crab man kill big crab. We kill ugly woman on crab. Get Mayor his thing. Guide pretty useless whole adventure. - Page 1 of the Diary of a Giantkin