Destiny Points

Current State Of All Points:

GM Pool Russ Taylor Mat Chris Gene

Destiny points when used are put into the other pool. I can also reward players with them for many reasons: Great roleplaying, unique and interesting ideas, updating the wiki, etc…)

PCs can use it to:

reroll (note: actual reroll, not advantage.)

force NPC reroll (note: actual reroll, not disadvantage)

“Create new aspect” - i.e. that section of roof is a bit weaker than the rest. Oh I know that person from X)

“do something critical” - Find that button to open the secret door, Missed that shot well you instead cause the barrel next to him to explode when you hit it.

“have already done something” - i.e. Rogue used his last ball bearings earlier but really wants to spill some behind him in the narrow hall so he can escape? Spend the point, spend the gold, and sure, you actually bought another 2000 earlier, remember?

GM can:

reroll for an NPC (but not a reroll that was forced by the players)

“plot devices” - sometimes thing won’t go your way.

force a disadvantage on a skill check

Give a PC flaws based on how they behave in game - (Note this is rare and only after major actions)