Red Hawk


A small town surrounded by harsh and unfriendly lands. To the North is The Mar made inaccessible by the mountains causing few ever travel here, save for the Dwarves who few even look at let alone talk to for fear of being chained up and taken away like all the creature they come back with. To the East is the Wasted Kingdoms a land of undeath and foul magic. The people of the Red Hawk burn their dead as to never draw the attention of the powers that reside there who may be seeking out new resources. The Barren Glades is the swamp which is the defining feature of the land. The swamp extends into the town making it smelly, damp, and muddy no matter where you walk in Red Hawk is tame. The further south you go the denser and more dangerous it gets only the brave, desperate, or just plain foolish venture here.