Spell Stone

Long ago, an ancient kingdom commissioned its highest mages and clerics to develop a weapon that would tip the tides of war in their favor. Something so powerful yet so simple, even the infantry and medics could use it. Say hello, to the spell stone.” — Arvius Stonard, 1st Captain of the Emerald Cove Royal Guard

A spell stone is a small precious gemstone, empowered with a spell, bearing the mark of a rune or symbol. The rune or symbol in the stone, corresponds to the appropriate source of magic of the spell within the gemstone.

The spell within reveals itself only to spellcasters who study the same school of magic or are associated with the same magical source the spell is derived from. Spellcasters trained in Arcana, Religion or Nature can make a respective check (DC 13 + the spell’s level) to attempt to learn what spell the gemstone is empowered with. “ The range of any spell contained within the spell stone is changed to 20-foot sphere, regardless of the spell’s original range. The spell does not require verbal, somatic, material components or concentration and lasts its maximum possible duration. If the spell would normally require specific input from the caster, that responsibility is then transferred to the DM. If the spell would normally require the caster to target itself, specific creatures or objects, the spell indiscriminately and randomly targets the maximum amount of appropriate creatures or objects allowed by the spell within range, starting from the point of origin and moving outward. If a target is unwilling to accept an effect imposed by the spell, and the spell allows for a saving throw to resist, the spell save DC is 13 + the spell’s level.

As an action, a creature can make a ranged attack (range 30/60) throwing the spell stone to a point within range. On impact the spell stone detonates, destroying the gemstone and triggers the effects of the spell in a 20-foot sphere.

If this is impossible, a massive burst of force damage explodes from the point of impact. All creatures within a 20-foot sphere must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw (DC 13 + the spell’s level). A creature takes 1d10 force damage per level of the spell on a failed save or half as much damage on a successful one. As part of this force damage, unsecured objects even partially within the area of effect are automatically pushed 10 feet away from the spell’s point of origin. If the spell was a cantrip, it causes 1 force damage instead of 1d10, and unsecured objects stay in place.

Crafting Spell Stones The art of crafting spell stones, although not uncommon, is mentally draining and exhaustive work. Only the wisest of magic wielders know how to perform this delicate and intricate process. Spellcasters proficient with Jeweler’s Tools and who have an Intelligence or Wisdom score of 16 or higher, can craft spell stones. To craft a spell stone requires a precious gemstone worth at least 10 gp or more and a spell scroll the crafter can read and cast from. The process takes 8 hours and consumes the gem’s value in resources and the spell scroll; after which the gem is then empowered with the spell from the scroll used. Once created, the stone bears a mark designating its source of magic, but does not denote or hint at the nature of the spell itself. If the spell on the scroll being used is higher level than what the crafter could normally cast, the crafter must make an ability check at the end of the 8 hours, using the appropriate spellcasting ability to make sure the spell is transferred into the gemstone properly. The DC equals 13 + the spell’s level. On a failed check, the spell scroll and the gemstone are destroyed and the resources consumed.

A gemstone worth at least…can hold a…RarityApprox. Cost
10 gp cantrip Common50-100 gp
50 gp 2nd-level spell or lowerUncommon101-500 gp
100 gp 4th-level spell or lowerRare501-5,000 gp
500 gp 6th-level spell or lowerVery rare5,001-50,000 gp
1,000 gp 8th-level spell or lowerVery rare5,001-50,000 gp
5,000 gp 9th-level spell or lowerLegendary50,001+ gp

Potential Uses