Bo Nakamura

Army Major Bo Nakamura, UPP 338387, Age 26

Bo is neither powerful nor graceful. Nor is he a quick thinker. Perhaps an absence of critical thinking contributed to his quick rise in the army officer ranks, despite his lack of leadership or tactical acumen. He enjoys driving and getting his hands greasy working with engines.

Str 3, Dex 3, End 8, Int 3, Edu 8, Soc 7

Skills: ATV-1, Air/Raft-1, Fwd Obsvr-1, Mechanical-1, Rifle-2, SMG-1

2 terms (Cr50,000, high passage)

Service History:

Bo is a veteran of the Stefo wars. While not much of a leader, he nevertheless did well, rising to Major by the end of the war. His assignments were primarily small scale dirtside ops; recon, hit-and-run assaults on convoys, urban skirmishing and the like.

When the war ended, the Union’s promises of generous veteran benefits (housing, land, job opportunities) on Stefo enticed Bo to leave the army. The timescale for realizing said promises appears to be glacial, however, and the meager veteran’s pension he receives on Stefo does not warrant putting his life on hold indefinitely.

Bo has ambitions, probably dreams about setting up a successful business at some point, but is somewhat disillusioned about the prospects. Also doesn’t have any viable business ideas.

Benefits: High Passage


+24,960 Aiken salvage
-20,000 auto-rifles at Fogho
-xx,xxx personal shopping at Fogho
 -2,000 life support Fogho > Moteye
+20,000 drugs for Moteye scientist
+26,000 auto-rifles sold on Moteye
 -6,000 escrowed bounty on Suleiman plus lieutenants
-xx,xxx Shopping at Fogho
-10,000 Pay-off to Fogho Red Star Cartel (I hope)


Stefo purchases:

Fogho purchases:


108-1105, leaving Moteye

Leaving Moteye. About time, I guess. What a dump, makes Stefo look great by comparison!

I wonder if Kana is disappointed, she seems so wide-eyed and expectant of wonder, and what do we get? Brutalist bunker malls and fucking assholes that trying to murder us. That scouting business sounds quite idealistic and exciting when you hear Louis and Lux go on about it, but man, the situation for those scouts on Moteye…

Could have been interesting to stick around when the Zugho rebellion shows up; could have made a difference. But I’m frankly not too keen on risking my life for the Imperium. I mean; the way they leave their scouts hanging? The way they let the war on Stefo go on and on?

So… that thing with Suleiman. I don’t care if it eats up my profit on the auto-rifles. To think the Moteye legal system allows putting a legit bounty on someone’s head, haha! I want Suleiman to know she has assassins coming for her and live in fear. That’s what you get for double-crossing us! Given that they figured 2,000 Cr to risk our lives fighting off the Rebellion was a fair offer I expect 6,000 Cr to go after Suleiman should be enticing to the “good folks” of Moteye.

Not looking forward to another week on the cramped scout vessel, and then the claustrophobic corridors of the Fogho station. It sucks, but Louis wants to get paid for the intel from Moteye. I hope we can move on quickly from there. I wonder if we will run into those guys who wanted to take the drugs off our hands again. What if they are with the Red Star Cartel? Well, the news of the bounty will hardly have reached Fogho yet.