Colonel Xia Chang

Xia Picture Army Colonel Xia Chang


Strength, 8

Dexterity, 9

Endurance, 10

Intelligence, 10

Education, 9

Social Standing. 6

Age 34

Cr 33425+20490

Skills: Cudgel-3, Electronics-3, Rifle-1, SMG-4

Benefits: High Passage, Middle Passage



5 rifle magazines


15 SMG magazines

Jack armor

Combination Mask 150

Binoculars 75

Swimming Gear 200

Underwater air tanks 800

Cold weather clothing 200

Motorcycle 4000

Service History: Attempted to enlist in Army. Enlistment accepted. Commissioned during first term of service as Lieutenant. Promoted to Captain. Voluntarily reenlisted for second term. Promoted to Major. Voluntarily reenlisted for third term. Promoted to Lt Colonel. Voluntarily reenlisted for fourth term. Promoted to Colonel. Denied reenlistment after fourth term.