Comments on Episode 09

That was a fun session! I like how choice of weapons can make all the difference in a fight. And I think we pretty much used the interior of the ship to best tactical effect. Especially with Bo moving along the upper deck to get behind the thugs, good stuff!

I also liked how Traveller’s attributes as hit points works out. It’s much more likely to be knocked out of a fight and recover in an interesting situation, that to just be dead at 0 hp.

– Laurens 2021-05-21 06:52 UTC

While playing I set up Gravity as a background soundtrack. That’s over on Tabletop Audio. The effect is pretty amazing, an immersion enhancer ;-)

You might want to [show player] to turn down the volume, though.

– Laurens 2021-05-21 08:00 UTC

That was tense indeed!! First time I tried to understand those weapon tables, learned a great deal about what to expect. Once I did, I thought we would all go down, or at least be forced to hand over Cheung.

I would have liked the fictional positioning to have some bearing on the mechanical resolution of the fight. Something small like the flashlight in Dame Anna’s face and Kana attacking from a dead angle giving a -1/+1 to their first attacks. As it was played out it seemed to me that the flashlight made no difference (other than provoking the attack) and Kana could just as well have stood in full view next to Brega. Am I being unfair?

– Björn Buckwalter 2021-05-24 14:39 UTC

I didn’t think about Bo’s attributes when writing his background. In fact, I didn’t realize what they were until a session or two in; I thought that UPP the random character generator spat out was just some meaningless number. Haha! But now that they have come up in play, I’m thinking maybe they tell us something more than that he is simply a shrimp. He was reasonably successful in the army (made major), and based on his skills clearly in the field rather than desk jobs, which isn’t congruent with his Str and Dex. Maybe his army career ended with an injury (WIA), an anti-tank mine took out his ATV and Bo was severely concussed and his right hip and arm were busted. The medical care on Stefo was only so good, and he suffers from a permanent limp and reduced range of motion in his shoulder and elbow.

– Björn Buckwalter 2021-05-24 14:40 UTC

Sounds good to me! And next time we’ll figure out situational benefits for sure. :D

– Alex 2021-05-30 18:20 UTC

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