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This is Draye, UWP B543684-9. There is a gas giant in this system.

Draye is slightly larger than Mars, with a diameter of about 8000km. The atmosphere is thin. The high levels of chlorine compounds make filter masks mandatory.

A few million people live on the planet, distributed over multiple big cities, each with their own hinterlands.

At the starport there are multiple signs warning you of the poor neighbourhoods and the resulting threat to life and property. The shuttle surface between upport and downport runs on a regular basis. Trade opportunities are limited, however.

The systems Ghotegho, Draye, and Fogho form the backbone of the navy defence network towards the core, with Fogho being favoured by the imperial household and Ghotegho being rather poor, and Draye holding it all together. Development of jump drives and sophisticated energy weapons. Availability of laser rifles, ablat armour, beam lasers, Model/3 computers, battle computers, limb regeneration, drives A–D, jump drives.

The state maintains elite civil service institutes to train its next generation of civil servants. This results in a well educated has served the population well: through all the ups and downs of recent decades, the unchanging civil service exams make sure that the ranks of government are filled with competent experts. People study long and hard when they’re young, which makes for good candidates, but it also takes its toll: drop outs end up with lousy jobs; depression and suicides are common.

The most prestigious of these are the University of Elite Statistics in Easha, the School of Sociology of Pohaga, and the Ministry of Economics in Idekamo.

Draye has a class B starport; downport on a plateau near Idekamo. The shipyard here is controlled by the Imperial Pavo Corporation, their insignia of crown and trident is blazoned on the roofs of all the workshops. Large tanks and piping suggest refined fuel is available here although the refineries stand silent.

Note: The lawyer Elizabeth Ardron manages to cut a deal between Kana and judge Intisar Saatchi: Kana will help uncover the drug smuggling business between Fogho and Draye. The provisional time table says that the first report is expected in six weeks, in Episode 08. Kana did not report back in time, though.