This is Dregho, UWP X241678-0 (stone age tech level!). There is a gas giant in this system.

Dregho is about the size of Luna, with a diameter of about 3200km. The atmosphere is thin. The high levels of chlorine compounds make filter masks mandatory.

A few million people live on the planet, distributed over multiple big cities, each with their own hinterlands. After the recent war, industrial capabilities have been reduced to naught. They bombed each other back into the stone age, basically. This is an instellar crisis and the imperial forces in the subsector are entirely unsuited to handling it. This system is not strictly part of the imperial network, right now.

The system has fallen apart into multiple polities: each urban centre claiming sovereignty, involved in border disputes, internal squabbles, unable to deal with the imperial order in the subsector. The starport falls within the sphere of influence of Mawruthesas. It’s a mess. The maintenance systems have failed and the starport is now unusable, the ground no longer suitable for landing.

Library data suggests: no guns; no blades. Special licenses are required for the collection of blades. Long knives and daggers are OK. Travellers are encouraged to cooperate will all security forces (throw 8+ to avoid harassment and/or arrest by the local authorities). The information is outdated.

Within the imperial scout network, new survey missions to Dregho are being planned.

The merchant navy is supposedly being mobilized to alleviate the humanitarian crisis but right now the imperial bureaucracies of nearby systems are not moving ahead.