Episode 01


Blue Heron

Triangular scoutship, jump drive destroyed. Submarinish interior. Class A engine – smallest, cheapest. Too small for trade vessels. Ship known from news, quite a sensation.

Kana witnessed scout ship landing, sought them out and offered help. Brega’s plans went awry. Met Louis at the bar. Bo tagged along with Kana.

When Louis takes Bo, Brega and Kana for a ride on the air raft back to the Blue Heron, Kana cheers all the way … “I’m going to spaaace!…”. She just hopes so much, that Louis and Lux might give them a ride off planet when they help them get that space drive fixed - fingers crossed!


Major battle in Rift Valley. Nuke dropped – no-go zone. Illegal salvaging happening there. Rumor says a ship went down in the valley?

Rift Valley Renaturation Fund, manning street barriers and patrolling the area to keep people out. Decontaminate and let nature reclaim/reestablish? There’s a road block as the road leaves the Uramiqo Hills and turns west towards the ruins of Nuiard.

[[Niuard?]] town, bombed city ruin. Now Fund station. If you take the ring road around the ruins of Nuiard you can find a former tourist spot which is now the lookout of the Rift Valley Renaturation Fund.

At least these are the rumors the three learn about. “But maybe this nuke thing is a hoax. Somebody want’s to keep regular folks out.” at least that’s what Kana thinks.

Need a truck and crane to get anything substantial (such as a jump drive) out. Maybe surplus military engineering vehicle. A class A jump drive costs 10 MCr and weights 10t.

Green Stone bar

People at the Green Stone Bar:

Tim the religious pretender harasses Brega. ”Those prophets are trouble. Interstellar crime gang, all over the Tau sector. Not here, star port too unimportant. They dumped you here, right? That’s what they like to do.” His script breaks down, leaves.

But maybe there is some truth in his deranged preachings?

Bartender Samuel. Recommends talking to Huashi/Social Syndicate.

Why, Kana is a regular at Sam’s Green Stone Bar? Would Sam recommend her to crooks?!

Kana joins Huashi and his buddies for some pool and a couple of drinks. But then she might just have pushed it to far … “sure I can work with welders and cutters … wanna see my army tattoo?” … well at least she could do the rifles (she bites her lips about this last part, though).

Huashi the Dropout (“Social Syndicate”) plus goons Ran the Driver and Goodwin. Behave like a cheap gang. Talk about Rift Valley Humans, independent salvage ops. Good money, operate cutters, welders, cranes, lifts, rifles (why?!). Invite Kana to go there on Friday, 15:00, arrive 17:00, discuss the details over dinner.

Li Zheng watches the scene, a self-declared “undercover cop” who works for Standard Buildings. Her job is to catch the Social Syndicate. “Don’t do stuff that will upset people and cause them report you” (and give Li a headache).

When Kana learns about this she is quite surprised. Not so much about the Social Syndicate, but how Bo got all this information from a supposed “undercover” agent. Bo must have made quite an impression on Li …

Li thinks: These military types don’t have a clue. This is how it works: to invest more effort would be more expensive for the corp; finding just the right leverage is where the skill is. If the gangsters don’t recognise the cops, they start getting reckless. Can’t have that.

The Valley Fund is run by Ultimate Insurances. Salvage permits take a long time, fees. Take road past outer ring. Lookout/observatory. Make sure they don’t see you, otherwise a lot of taxes (“taxes”??). There’s a high rise in Stefo city that belongs to Ultimate Insurance “but they have many levels of management”.

Rift Valley research

Bought map. Identify Fund lookout. Two other roads to lookouts, dirt track to old(?) military installation with good view over valley.

“Wow, Bo’s good at reading maps …” Kana thinks, maybe she should have tried harder, when she was in the army …

Rented jeep. Shitty?

… at least the suspension seems to have seen better times. Let’s hope it’ll not break down on the way to the rift valley ;-)


Buy rad gear. Go to military installation to recon valley, possible crash/salvage sites. Maybe visit sites if nature unclear. Try to get out for Kana’s date on Friday (065-1105).

“Let’s decide once we’re on site. It’s just … I’d hate being surprised by Huashi while sniffing around the rift valley on our own …”

If likely jump drive identified get truck and crane (possible military engineering corps vehicle?) to extract.

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