Episode 02

We met Sheena Row the co-sculptor (with her deceased husband Brom) of the Iron Tower Lookout. She’s squatting on land on the western side of the Rift Valley, building a tower that looks a bit like a self-made welded-scrap-metal Eiffel Tower.

She’s getting the metal from some “rusty spots” (deteriorating armored vehicles?) on the side of the valley that leach Bad Stuff (tm) into the valley. She offered drinks and information and we left some gifts.

Kana: “Sheenas Tower is awesome, at first I was a bit wary because of the wobbly construction, and you have to be careful as you climb up, because of all the sharp, rusty edges. But the view from up there is amazing. You can see the whole valley! … And guess what, we saw some kind of large tent on the other side. They’re hiding something, that’s for sure. And I bet that’s where Hoashi and his guys are headed to … guess we might just find out tomorrow!”

Mrs Row: “Wow, off-worlders! That brings back memories. The smell of a ship’s computer room, the humming of a Jump drive… I’ve been on this rock for nearly two decades, now.”

Brega: “She seems nice… Whoa she’s nice. Cigarette? Here you are… That’s MY kind of lady. … I think she’s coming on to me??”

We met Boss Karahashi in his jeep, with his goon, on the Aiken estate, on the eastern side of the Rift Valley. Short-range comms scanning revealed that they have a lookout/security and saw us coming.

Kana: “that was sooo scary, we could hear every single move we made commented on over the radio …”

Boss Karahashi: “What a bunch of losers. I think we need to set up a road block further back, or these journos will drive right into the tent!”

The road leads to a huge tent covering something and protected by fence, palisade, and watchtower. We are betting (hope as a strategy!) that it is hiding that shipwreck we’ve heard rumors about.

The valley floor is a poisonous swamp, passable by boat. The eastern slope houses artillery and underground bunkers, possibly interconnected, possibly booby-trapped.

The town even further to the north west is called Riva. The road from Stefo to Riva is about a two-hour drive. It crosses a bridge where the Rift Valley opens up into the Stefo plains.

Animals we fought:

It knocked Kana out cold, but we smashed it with the jeep.

Kana: “stupid thing! I just wanted to distract it, so it’d let go of our car … guys … I’d be dead, digested on the spot, without you!”

Mushroom: Omnomnom… Aaargh!!

Animals we heard about (from Sheena):

At the dig site, we see Boss Karahashi, Digger Al-Jazuli and Sir Aiken talking to each other. There is tension in the air but it’s hard to pick out what they are saying.