Episode 04

The referee says: “Oops, I guess all the UWP codes were wrong, having government and law levels in the wrong order. Fixed it… I guess auto rifles are illegal after all!” 😄

The pharmacist on Fogho is Rukan Farhi. He sells some sort of drug to be smuggled by small ships (“extra spicy”). We accept a package for Jack Bawden in the Moteye system.

Lux is angry and writes mail to family back on Sogeeran, in a different subsector. “It is as I suspected. Those old scout ships are a poisoned reward: if you accept them as you leave the service, you’ll be forever indentured to the underbelly of the sector.”

The four goons that followed us have no known affiliation. They offered 50K Cr on the spot for Farhi’s package, but Brega wouldn’t have it. We separated without a fight.

Kana: “that would have went south for those goons anyway, Brega and I literally had them in our cross hairs … and my new rifle with electronic sights is amazing …”

The arms dealer who sold us 60 automatic rifles was Emen Sayyid.

The captain of the ship Brown Horse was Ahtunowhiho, and Louis suspected him to be a spy for the rebellion. It is currently docked at the research institute Ubayd Allah-5 in the Moteye system. The research institute focuses on stable superheavy element research. The head scientist is Jack Bawden. He paid us 100K Cr and he must have paid an addition 200K Cr. to the pharmacists.

Louis wonders: “Where does all of Jack’s money come from?”

The scouts at the Imperial Listening Post 367 in Moteye are Miuchi Eiko and their partner is Wakisaka Hayanari. The most recent information they provided about the Zugho rebellion seems to come from the Brown Horse and is therefore suspect.

They have a meeting with a local gangster called Oluwafunmilayo Sulieman in two days time, at the [[Dancing_Stone?]]. She’s probably not coming alone, and therefore the scouts would also like to bring some backup.

On Moteye, Jacob Loder is the local arms dealer at the Tiva Emporium.

What do we do with Moteye?

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