Episode 05

We got a deal with Oluwafunmilayo Sulieman: sell her ten auto-rifles and she’ll leave Miuchi Eiko and Wakisaka Hayanari alone.

Sadly, Sulieman tried to ambush us. Luckily, we saw it coming and took some of them out.

Before we leave Moteye, Bo decides he wants to put a price on Suleiman’s head? 4,000 Cr., preferably dead, and 1,000 Cr. each for her top two or three lieutenants. When he asks Brega, the old merchant tells him that putting a price on somebody’s head is possible, but you either have to hire somebody to do it, i.e. enter into an assassination contract with a member of the gun nuts via the arms dealer Jacob Loder, or you register a claim with Babatunde Achampong, the Keeper of Records and the current Reciter of the Law Book, and also the colony’s mediator, who impartially registers all such claims and their fulfillment, including a judgment on their merit, and makes counter claims and mediation possible.

Bo decides that the second option sounds good enough. “I want Suleiman to know what she has got coming.”

Unfortunately, Brega doesn’t accompany Bo. This is how a small mistake is made that might have unintended consequences. When Bo goes and testifies before Achampong that an attempt on his life and property was made and that as a consequence “and for the peace of the community” he intends to hunt him down, and since he currently has to leave for business reasons, he’s contracting this out to all citizens of good standing: 4K Cr for Sulieman’s life, and 1K Cr for her closest buddies. Achampong witnesses it all, the statement is “signed and delivered,” as they say here, and entered into the book. Done! Achampong follows the customs laid down in the Law Book, and publishes the blood debt on the subsector head hunter’s newsfeed, and with the next ship jumping out of the system, the messages starts to spread. Some people read it as a vendetta against the Red Star Cartel.

In any case, Bo leaves 6,000 Cr. in the escrow account of Achampong, to be paid out when the deed is done.

Finally, we sold the auto-rifles to the “Chief Organiser of Planning and Production” at the Cobalt Mining Association, Thokozani Anbameyang. The cobalt mine makes most of the money in the trade with Gholuzu, the subsector capital. That’s why Anbameyang is an imeprial loyalist. Miuchi and Wakisaka take refuge with the Mining Association and are safe, for now. (Bo, Brega, and Kana make a cut of 6,000 credits each on this deal.)

We leave for Fogho.