Episode 06

Brega befriends the crew of the Green Crow and promises to help them get their ship out the red tape it got caught up in for importing some weird fertilizer mix via Louis and his connection to the Institute of Strategic Cartography as a former Scout Service member, and his special relationship with commander Enu Khemalo.

In exchange, the crew helps transport the “medical supplies” from the pharmacist to the Blue Heron. It is destined for Tokita Keiko on Draye, where she works for the Imperial Pavo Corporation.

Lux shrugs as Kana looks her way and says: “He says were we go and I fly the ship. That’s just how it is.”

Kana thinks: “I really wonder about this stuff Farki is selling … and about his customers … they’re willing to pay so much, even to us who are just the couriers … why?”

Rukan Farki is being hassled by the Red Star Cartel.

Bo buys them off with 10KCr., making a deal with Heng Duyi.

Later that night, Heng Duyi is reproached by Han Chenguang: “Why didn’t we just shoot them down? Are you afraid of Buhle September and his security officers? Don’t make we laugh. It it weren’t for you, we’d be running this station!”

Kana buys six continental range communicators off of Layla Awad of The Radio Amateur Network, a small shop on the central avenue.

“This advanced stuff is amazing! Layla gave me a good price for this neat package, and I’m sure I can sell them off on Draye for a good profit. Hey, call me Kana the Trader!” (she grins to herself). Later she muses: “this planet looks exciting … a world of ocean, supposedly all a nature reserve, but who knows. And there seems to be some illegal tourism going on on the far side. That sounds like fun …”

Brega takes a look at the Grim Reaper Works, where Adaly works, a contact for the Prophets of the Dark Moon. They make turrets and all other similar-sized, military grade equipment for spaceships; they are part of the greater network of workshops held together by the Department of Naval Affairs.

Louis delivers his report to Ahlam Shawkat of the Institute of Strategic Cartography. The payout is generous, but it’s clear that more could have been done. All the questions about ship movements, plans, names, people in charge, none of them are answered. It’s implied that a significant bonus is being withheld and that Louis managed to get an excellent deal by arguing that he brought a security detachment along and that it had been an excellent decision. When Louis inquires for more jobs, however, he’s told that there’s nothing to be done right now and that the institute will wait and see how things develop.

As Louis meets up with Lux and tells her how it went, she just says: “I guess we aren’t great spies. But we knew that already, right?” They both laugh.

When Louis returns the next day, with favours to ask, it turns out that nobody at the institute seems to have the time. (Rolls a 7.) He decides on an indirect move: he makes a complaint regarding the hooligans at the dock (without actually mentioning Heng or the Red Star Cartel) at the Department of Naval Affairs under Halone, bypassing the Port Bureau, his intent being on forcing them to concede a favour, but sadly that is met with a reprimand and a staunch reminder to please use proper channels. (Rolls a 6.) Frustrated, he returns to the crew of the Green Crow and lies to them about how things went and prepares the ship for take-off.

At the Okinawa River Capsule Resort, Hirata informs his crew of the good news and the all cheer and raise a glass to their friends of the Blue Heron that night.