Episode 07

Ships at the starport:

The Silver Cheetah is a type A free trader (200t, streamlined). This ship is limited to jump-1. The pilot of this ship is Sir Ōgushi Genta. We already know that Fogho is “the end of the line”, so coming here to trade is not very lucrative.

The Rose Horse is a type Y yacht (200t, unstreamlined). The captain of this ship is Amarachi Zivai. The yacht is slow, but it allows rich people to travel in style. Using such a yacht is a bad move, however, since the for a Jump-1 ship, you can’t even follow the grand trade route (Fogho – Draye – Ghotego – New Steste – Modre – Gholuzu – Yegho – Zugho). Instead, you’ll be forced to make a lot of detours (Fiedra and Old Steste, Stejuste and Tesluste, or maybe Stete and Foste, also Moteye). It’s painful.

The ambassador Cheung Duyi from Draye to the court of Duchess Yú Bai in Gholuzu has been recalled to Draye by the president, Nabilah Zahariya. We don’t know what the problem is, but now that the ambassador wants to go back to the court, there are some sort of impediments.

Chang went looking for laser rifles at Rifles & Rangers but triggered some sort of security check. All she could buy was two sets of cloth armour.

Referee Alex rolls a 4, for law level 4. “Oh, that’s unexpected.”

Kana sold all her high-tech communicators at Navy Extras for a hefty profit and invited the crew of the Blue Heron for dinner at Brandon’s Astro-Steak. On the behest of Brega, Kana then called Tokita Keiko to arrange for the delivery. They agreed to meet up at Brandon’s in a bit.

Referee Alex rolls a 4, again. “Ok, now we’re in trouble!”

Kana ended up in jail … “Damn it, why, why on Stefo isn’t scrambling on by default on my new communicator?! I just hope that attorney is worth his money …”

Brega managed to convince captain Zivai of the Rose Horse to take the pharmacist’s package and Bo claimed he had to fix something about the refrigeration unit and stayed with the package aboard the yacht. All of this in exchange for Brega’s offer to take the ambassador to Gholuzu using the scout ship. It’d be faster and take the Horse out of the limelight, he said.

Captain Zivai is looking at the monitor, showing the package in a cargo room, and Bo standing next to it. Not much is happening. Zivai sighs. “What kind of setup is this, I wonder. What the hell is going on.” Stward Howahkan says: “Everything about this smells of narcotics. I just wonder whether this is related to the plot to keep us from leaving. Are they trying to frame us for smuggling this?” Engineer Kevin Bayfield says: “I can feel lead weather coming up, I do.”

Brega, Chang, Louis and Lux are now wondering what to do about Kana, and awaiting the inevitable ship searching by the authorities.

Police deputy Danielle Bellamy watches the port monitors for Yellow Dock and picks up on two things: “Hm, the crew of the Blue Heron and the Rose Horse seem to know each other. Computer, go back to the two people approaching the Horse. Yeah, this is the drunk from Brandon’s. And this other guy? Weird. Also, looks like the rest of the crew arrives at the ship. Ugh, we have a match? How can that be? Oh, Cheng tried to buy laser rifles? OK, wow. I’ll have to pass that on.”

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