Episode 12

When we jumped in, there was a lot of ship traffic arriving.

Brega tries to light cigarettes and stomps around in the 2m by 2m area behind the cockpit, cursing under his breath about Hahnee and what to do with her, to no avail

There is some discussion with the ambassador on what to do next. He wants the crew to be patriotic imperials and support the ducal house of Yú against the upstart rebellion under Zu Bingwen, but to no avail.

Cheung Duyi says: “Sure, let me pull some strings and we’ll get a nice berthing place net to the Red Sword.”

Brega summons the mightiest electronics magic available (“double sixes mofos!”) and snips some neat recordings on top

As it turns out, Brega discovers that the ambassador is planning on betraying them:

We decide that it’s time for the ambassador to go and we end up with an exchange – the ambassador for 100,000 Cr. (split five ways). He keeps his coral fungus, we keep his stolen plans.

Bo: Life is full of tough decisions, such as what to do about fungii. Should I have kept the fungus for myself, after all these week of intensive training on their ecology and care? Or smashed the aquarium in front of Cheung Duyi, just to add insult to injury? In the end, I guess I’m a softie, imagining the fungus will be all he has left, at the mercy of the rebels and locked up in a cramped cell (but can it really be worse than on the crowded Blue Heron??). If I ever see him and his fungus again, though, I swear, one of them will die!! (Maybe?)

We talk to Ahtunowhiho. If we want to work for the rebellion, here’s a mission for us: jump to Modre, see what the situation is, then jump to Foste and report to Fukui Hideko on the Golden Jay, a rebel ship that’ll be there.

What now?

Bo: Pyxis Services are clearly total bastards. Industrial espionage is one thing, but covert ops bomb squads to murder folks (and blow up ships) is one level up. I’m sure they would pay well for the plans, but do we really want to deal with gangster corporations? And would they actually let us go, or would they double-cross us like Suleiman and the ambassador? I guess Pavo is not much better, as it must have been them who sent the RSC and Expat Comrades after us to get the ambassador, but at least they didn’t seem to be intent on murder. Can one even get anywhere in this galaxy without soiling one’s soul by dealing with maffias and gangster corporations?

Louis says: “I agree with Bo. I’m ready to go scouting again. All this intrigue, the meddling in economic warfare, it is grinding me down. Let’s go scoop up water and air, buy some food from the locals, and be off again. Fuck the star port and the corps.”

Lux says: “Does that mean we’re rebels, now?” There is an awkward pause – and no answer.

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