Episode 13

We got a mission from the rebellion, should we choose to accept it:

Before we left, Kana sent a long message to judge Intisar Saatchi on Draye:

Kana: “Hope judge Saatchi will accept my message. I wrote something like, how we heroically fended off an attack by the Red Star Cartel and managed to deliver our passenger safely to the system. Look, is it her business whom we delivered him to? He wasn’t harmed, really, was he? I didn’t want to hint at too many implications, and I trust she’ll find that none of those allegations against me will be met with substantial proof … fingers crossed …”

Jumped into the Modre system and immediately found that the White Giant was also incoming. We quickly manage to change our transponder signature to “Pink Flamingo”.

Decided to follow the White Giant as it docked dirtside.

Port security office Joseph Ayleswort showed up, trying to clear up the transponder issues. Brega and Kana explained that there was some malfunction and that their ship was in fact the Blue Heron. It was agreed that the ship was grounded until it got fixed, which is cool, because as long as it isn’t fixed the White Giant doesn’t recognize us.

At the Solid Crown cantina we meet Wemilat the radio DJ and investigative journalist for the Voice from Below, a subversive radio station transmitting from the dirtside starport – but weak enough to just be heard in the region around the starport, a city called Modad, which is short for “Modre Aptad”. Whatever.

Bo: I will totally do a spiel on the Voice from Below, in the name of public service! No hyperbole, just telling it how it is. The Imperium is rotten. Corrupt ambassadors stealing from and selling out the very systems they are supposed to represent for personal gain. A weak navy and corrupt space port authorities allowing violent gun runners to operate freely, stoking conflicts with fresh arms. Oversized bureaucracies with admins harassing the little man trying to make ends meet. Willfully keeping systems underdeveloped to the detriment of citizens. Allowing gangsters and cartels to harass citizens and interfere with system level politics. I won’t speak for the Uprising, but what their representative promise is, if nothing else, a change to a broken status quo. People on Modre also need to know that the uprising is sweeping through the subsector and is on the very doorstep of the imperial subsector capital. [[Yegho?]] and Foste have fallen and rebel recon vessels have already been sighted at Gholuzu.

At the radio station we also meet Dame Dyani, i.e. she belongs to the lower ranks of nobility in the empire, like Sir Aiken back on Stefo. She’s also into investigative journalism.

As it turns out, there’s the suspicion that the port master Honiahaka might be involved in this, looking away as the White Giant goes about its shady business. If we want to learn more about this, we’d have to take it up to the orbital side of the starport, however. There’s no time for this, right now.

Perhaps Nozaki Daijirō is our man, an iron-nickle oligarch, a skilled politician, imprisoned on charges of corruption, tax evasion, sedition, and so on. A long list of charges that seem pretty fabricated to Wemilat.

Next session we want to observe the White Giant and investigate the trucks that we expect to unload and load the ship, and possibly talk to Nozaki or one of his associates to establish whether he’d make a good spokesperson for the rebellion.

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