Episode 14

At the Modre spaceport, Kana took up a sniper position on a repair hangar near the Poison Ivy bar with a clear view of the White Giant, as investigative journalist and Radio DJ Wemilat and Brega went to take a closer look.

Maybe ten trucks with their drivers, and five security personnel were there, accepting crates from the ship. There were five crew members operating the anti-grav sledges and the small cranes, as well as five security personnel on the ramp, with five more appearing later.

Wemilat and Brega manage to record chief of security Kirishima Kana talking with their contacts at the Quaflen Nickel Mine, and Wemilat also managed to get visuals of the rifles packed in those crates, but no indication what they were going to get used for.

Wemilat tells Dyana: “Yeah, I got these pictures like a real pro!”

Dyana nods and says: “You sure did! Tell me again what Brega did while you were investigating the crates, though?”

The next day Wemilat, Kana and Brega drive out to the Quaflen Nickel Mine and talk to the strike leader Abdul-Hasib Fitoussi, who was running a tent camp for the Nickler’s Union with young pop star Irene being out there, giving an interview.

We talked things over, and both Brega and Kana realized that the strikers were heading towards the abyss, oblivious to what was happening. Sure, they knew that Baroness Rida Bouhouche was only helping them against the Quaflen owner Baron Dichali in order to grow her own operation; and they knew they couldn’t oppose the church because it was just too strong – they even had an altar set up at the camp. But the strikers did not know about the estimated 150t of firearms (about 30,000 rifles or more?) in the hands of the baron. Abdul-Hasib still believed in singing songs and blocking roads. After all, no weapons allowed in the entire system!

Our options seemed to be:

We have opted for the last option.

To be continued!