Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications

Episode 15

Kana and Wemilat meet up and she hands over the tapes and joins him in his all-night editing session… all night she watches the streets, but there’s no trouble. At last, they can spend a few calm hours as the sun is rising, having breakfast, sending some text messages back and forth with the ship… Brega is nervous, things are still fine. Time for that broadcast!

As Kana is walking back to the Pink Flamingo, she suddenly sees an air/raft take off from the White Giant, heading for the studio of Voice from Below, where Wemilat is still talking. She sends him a message: “GET OUT NOW!! THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU!” – and then she runs for the ship.

There, Brega just finished his fake repairs of the transponder and convinced port security officer Joseph Ayleswort that everything has been fixed. As Ayleswort is leaving, Kana is boarding. On her communicator, she sees Wemilat texting her: “I’m heading for the roof, there is shooting down below!”

Confusion, shouting, Lux is keeping the hatch open and manoeuvring the ship to the studio’s rooftop. There he is! Brega, Bo and Kana take up positions, rifles ready. And indeed, the door bursts open and two mercenaries appear! Shots ring out. The mercenary halbadier is dropped, but Bo and Kana also crumble. Lux spins the ship around and Wemilat jumps aboard. Brega and the mercenary sniper shoot at each other.

The ship gains altitude and turns, ramp retracting, hatches closing, when suddenly a laser blast by the White Giant hits the Pink Flamingo’s manoeuvre drive. The ship starts lilting, then diving, and finally crash-lands, barely avoiding port buildings and other ships. A huge ball of fire envelops the ship, but the hull’s structural integrity holds up and it looks worse than it is.

More confusion, the airwaves light up, patrol cruisers power up, armoured vehicles appear in the streets, and the White Giant takes off.

When things calm down at the port, the legal battles and the waiting begins. Claims and counter claims, settlement proposals fly back and forth, and then the rebellion arrives, the church crumbles, abbeys are emptied out, old rights and liberties are abolished, new ones are created, Kana is stitched back together again at the spaceport hospital, and Brega and Bo talk to Mrs Fukui Hideko of the [[Golden_Jay?]], a scout ship of the rebellion, and eventually the new government decides to finance a new manoeuvre drive. Mrs Fukui has a new job for the crew of the Blue Heron: destabilize the government of Luju.

One day as Bo and Brega visit Kana at the hospital, she sits up, still a bit short of breath, and asks with a curious smile: “I believe I missed your talk Bo, how did it turn out?”

Bo: It was great, the crowds cheered and took to the streets, it was like the Second Messiah was speaking to them through the radiowaves. Haha, I don’t know really, I was sitting in The Voice’s soundproof studio with no windows during the broadcast; it was live! But I finished it with “everyone can be a believer!” Nice touch, no? Hey, don’t laugh! Your broken ribs will puncture your lung again! Your boyfriend says “hi” by the way. He’s a nice guy. Said I have a good radio voice.

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