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Episode 17

Things went well!

Brega faked being a Space Management bureaucrat wanting to go over some contracts with owner-pilot Dugu Tingfeng of the White Giant. And he came!

Bo was talking to the Broken Crows squad, one of the three squads serving aboard the White Giant. He was offering them a special mission, and a special bonus. 5000 credits each! He kept on talking about the mission, ad libbing, keeping them busy listening to him.

Both of them were waiting for it. And there it was: a shot struck down Dugu Tingfeng as he had reached the end of the ramp, meeting up with Brega. He crumpled immediately, bleeding from a should wound. Brega dropped on his face. The two escorts Tingfeng had brought pulled out their rifles. Former special ops Andrea Allan wanted to drag Tingfeng back to safety but Brega had pulled out his med-kit. Reassured, Andrea started looking for the sniper. Piker Rozene had taken cover behind the red forklift and was doing the same.

Brega tricked Andrea, however, and injected Tingfeng with a lethal dose of sodium thiopental. He died soon thereafter. Andrea ended up trying to drag him up the ramp after an exchange of dagger swipes with Brega, but it was too late.

Soon, Hirata Teruyoshi and the rest of the Green Crow crew arrived with the five free mercenaries that had joined them; and Bo arrived with the Broken Crows; the saw what was going on by Bo’s reassuring words kept them calm and apart from Andrea. “It’s a Space Management sanction operation,” Bo would say. “Stay calm! Tingfeng is dead. Just wait for things to clear up.” In the end, they did follow him into the ship.

There, navigator Okoro Makonnen was on port leave and first engineer Vincent Shave was on the bridge. No problem. Kana sent him away when she arrived with pilot Hirata Teruyoshi. Shave tried to get the engineering department under control, by Green Crow engineer Patrick Topping was already there with some of the free mercenaries. Shave was too late. Back in the cargo bay, Brega had Andrea under control, so all that remained were two gunners and the remaining mercenaries of the Silent Panther squad. They did not put up a fight.

We left the remaining engineers, gunners, medics, and the Thunder Merlins squad on Luju and left. Kana had plotted a jump to Modre while in hospital, but she must have made a mistake. The White Giant suffered a misjump and ended up in [[Drezuzu?]]. No problem! This led to a delay of a few weeks, and we ended up missing Louis and Lux who had been waiting for us.

But then again, we didn’t really want to continue the scout life and were looking to turn the White Giant to megacredits, and we did.

Kana ended up marrying Wemilat on Modre and later she went to the navigator School on the All Orcs naval base on [[Steye?]].

Brega wanted to buy a smaller ship but ended up drifting back to Stefo and met up with Sheena Row at the Rift Valley, had a smoke, and settled down.

Bo drifted back and forth across the subsector once the rebellion had taken a hold, seeing the sites, always on the move. They say that the Red Star Cartel did in fact catch up with him at the end, but who knows. In any case, Oluwafunmilayo Sulieman disappeared on Moteye and nobody knows where she went, either.


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