Foste, UWP C110446-A. There is a gas giant in this system.

Foste is much smaller than Luna, with a diameter of about 1600km. There are only trace amounts of atmosphere outside. The use of a vacc suit is mandatory.

The town of Foste sprawls around the starport, housing around ninety thousand people.

Joining the interstellar community. Availability of reflec armour, Model/4 computers, holovision, grav tanks, drives E–H.

The system is governed by a representative democracy. The system favours just two parties, and these two parties split the populace into two equal halves that contest bitterly for supremacy. The two parties are the Deliberalists and the Agriculturalists, and where as they claim large and important differences, the actual differences are small and confined to a few key issues. The Deliberalists are currently in power, led by Fida Salah.

Foste has a class C starport. A small frontier style Imperial Galactic Properties installation is here for small repairs. A bunch of water tanks nearby tell you all there is to know about the fuel situation. Unrefined fuel only!

At the starport gates, travellers are warned: most guns prohibited past this point, excluding shotguns. Confrontation with the security forces occur on a regular basis (throw 6+ to avoid harassment and/or arrest by the local authorities).

There is a scout base called Imperial Listening Post 373 in the system. The current crew is small. The commander is Nadie, their senior partner is Imani Minchie, their junior partner is Olayinka Nenge.