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Gholuzu is the Tau subsector capital with the imperial duchess, Yú Bai. The Yú family is very much tied into Human Computing, the mega corp that is running the spice business.

UWP B987514-B. There is a gas giant in this system.

Gholuzu is larger than Earth, with a diameter of about 14400km. The atmosphere is very dense.

A few hundred thousand inhabitants have settled on the planet. The largest settlement is Berisho with about a quarter million people around the starport.

This is one of the worlds where agriculture is possible. They are famed for their exports of spice.

Tech level B means average imperial tech level. Availability of combat armour, Model/5 computers, hand computers, drives J–K.

The society is ruled by a number of mega-corporations, the biggest of which is Human Computing. People are unhappy because the near system-wide monopoly on all civil services has given rise to increased rent-seeking. There are service fees to be paid for everything. This is seen as an inherently unfair head tax by many.

Gholuzu has a class B starport. The starport appears to be divided into two sections, half of it under the control of the Pyxis Group shipyards, the other half under the control of the Scutum Ventures.

At the starport gates, travellers are warned: neither military weapons nor light assault weapons past this point, including SMG. Confrontation with the security forces is rare (throw 4+ to avoid harassment and/or arrest by the local authorities). It’s the megafauna – out on the remote farms, people need to defend themselves against the Green Trampler, the Trihorn, and the Jinrah Plains Buffalo.