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This is Ghotegho, UWP A598577-9. There are two gas giants in this system.

Ghotegho is slightly larger than Mars, with a diameter of about 8000km. The atmosphere is very dense. The high levels of military nanites from the collapse make filter masks mandatory.

A few hundred thousand inhabitants have settled on the planet. The largest settlement is Gayiqif with about a quarter million people around the starport.

Agriculture thrives here. The main export is cereals.

Development of jump drives and sophisticated energy weapons. Availability of laser rifles, ablat armour, beam lasers, Model/3 computers, battle computers, limb regeneration, drives A–D, jump drives.

The system was settled in different places at different times. The initial phase was rough and there never developed any cohesion. Now the system is balkanized, with the local governments appealing each to their rich past, unwilling to give up any privileges. The starport is controlled by the Dowudr. It’s tricky.

Ghotegho has a class A starport. The shipyard here is controlled by Pyxis Services, their insignia is blazoned on the roofs of all the workshops, a white star on a blue field. Pyxis also has a ship building branch located in the orbital port, called Pyxis Liners. This is where all the ships for the naval and merchant fleet for the coreward systems are built. Their next competitor is Hydrus Enterprises on [[Tete?]].

A mighty plume over the fuel refineries reaches into the stratosphere, a permanent cloud tower.

The research station Pi-9 in this system focuses on high temperature superconductors. The head scientist is Sotodate Seijirō.

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