UWP C310510-9. There is a gas giant in this system.

Luju is about the size of Mercury, with a diameter of about 4800km. There are only trace amounts of atmosphere outside. The use of a vacc suit is mandatory.

A few hundred thousand inhabitants have settled on the planet. The largest settlement is Guchipakofl with about a quarter million people around the starport.

Development of jump drives and sophisticated energy weapons. Availability of laser rifles, ablat armour, beam lasers, Model/3 computers, battle computers, limb regeneration, drives A–D, jump drives.

The society is ruled by a number of mega-corporations, the biggest of which is Space Management. People are unhappy because the near system-wide monopoly on all civil cervices has given rise to increased rent-seeking. There are service fees to be paid for everything. This is seen as an inherently unfair head tax by many.

Luju has a class C starport. The facilities here seem inconsequential, a few Sagitta Services buildings offering limited repairs. A pipeline snaking west could have once delivered refined fuel but it’s broken now so it looks like only unrefined fuel is available here.

At the starport gates, travellers are warned: Luju is a lawless place. People are armed and dangerous. If you leave the green zone, you’re on your own. There is no security apparatus in place to guarantee anybody’s safety.