Modre Image UWP B6789DE-5. There is a gas giant in this system.

Modre is quite a bit larger than Mars, with a diameter of about 9600km. The atmosphere is close to standard Earth. The high levels of nanoparticle dust and contagious viral pathogens make filter masks mandatory.

Several billion people live on the planet.

The system is famous for its nickel mines. These are often terrible open holes in the ground. The ore needs to be processed: froth flotation to enrich it, roasting to get rid of iron sulfides, the addition of coal and silicates to get rid of the iron oxides, the separation of the iron silicates, or high pressure acid leaching… it’s all a terrible blight on the natural world.

Society itself is oil and combustion engine based: cars, planes. Weapons are based on regular steel production: carbines, rifles, pistols, SMGs, steel plating, sandcasters, mortars. In terms of computers and communications we’re stuck with Model/1 computers, radios, simple communicators.

The original settlement was made by refugees belonging to the Believers in the Second Messiah, wanting peace and solitude. Ironically, the colony was a huge success and growth rates have made solitude hard to achieve. In any case, the religious institutions have provided schooling, administration, and handled the economy for many generations. It would seem impossible to wrestle control from them, now. The head of the church is priestess-warden Chan Ting.

MODRE has a class B starport. Groundside, a network of a gazillion workshops spread from the starport like veins. A bit to the south you can see a dozen huge fuel tanks. The orbital is significant, but in the end, it’s mostly a thorough-way for Jump-2 traffic from the important subsector worlds (Gholuzu, Stete) to the spinward frontier of [[Steye?]].

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