UWP E987865-3. There is a gas giant in this system.

Stete is larger than Earth, with a diameter of about 14400km. The atmosphere is very dense.

Several hundred million people live on the planet.

The area around the starport is well kept, with lush parks and well maintained buildings.

Discovery of electricity, improvements in metallurgy, navigation. Availability of foils, cutlasses, blades, age of sail, bayonets on primitive rifles, telegraph networks, water wheels.

When terrorists on [[New_Steste?]] (0202) turned out to be from Stete, it didn’t take long before the navy showed up, overthrew the old order on Stete, and installed a puppet government, currently led by Inteus. Curfews, patrols, interrogations, allegations of torture, and occasional revelations thereof provide fertile grounds for more shootings, more bombs, more assassinations. These are bad times.

The colonial government is exploiting the natural resources and the large labour force as good as it can, exporting all sorts of agricultural goods in return for high tech for the colonizer class.

Stete has a class E starport. There are ruins nearby. When the navy from [[New_Stete?]] arrived, the resistance tried to blow up the starport, and they have been attempting to make the occupation as expensive as possible.

At the starport gates, travellers are warned: no military weapons, no concealable weapons past this point, including pistols and revolvers. Confrontation with the security forces do occur (throw 5+ to avoid harassment and/or arrest by the local authorities).

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