The initial situation

Kana is native to Stefo. Sounds just like the place you’d want to get away from.

She’s loitering around the star port gates a lot in her free time. When she learned the Blue Heron was grounded for some drive problem she offered her help … empty handed. Does anybody know of some space ship crash site? Or a scrap yard that might be good for surprising finds? She’s asking around…

Brega is a bitter old fart, ostensibly because he never got promoted, but there’s a chance he’d be just as bitter if he had been. The Luju-based Space Management trading consortium screwed him over (in his view anyway) and he’s gonna get some revenge. While of course also drawing on his retirement money from Space Management.

He ended up on Stefo because he was trying to mess with the company and it somehow went wrong. He’s not telling put it seems he invested a sizeable amount of money in some sort of scheme. The gang he hired belonged to the Expat Comrades, and the ship he was planning to hijack was a big subsidized liner, but in some sort of counter move, Brega’s partner Hahnee sold out to the Prophets of the Dark Moon, betrayed and dumped Brega, and made off with the ship.

Kana and Brega met on Stefo, in some dump of a bar at the loser-end of space, the Dancing Cheetah.

Bo is a veteran of the Stefo wars. While not much of a leader, he nevertheless did well, rising to Major by the end of the war. His assignments were primarily small scale dirtside ops; recon, hit-and-run assaults on convoys, urban skirmishing and the like. When the war ended, the Union’s promises of generous veteran benefits (housing, land, job opportunities) on Stefo enticed Bo to leave the army. The timescale for realizing said promises appears to be glacial, however, and the meagre veteran’s pension he receives on Stefo does not warrant putting his life on hold indefinitely.

Bo has ambitions, probably dreams about setting up a successful business at some point, but is somewhat disillusioned about the prospects.

Kana was one of Bo’s one-off grunts on some mission and made an impression with her marksmanship skills.

Bo has it on good authority that there are opportunities for intrepid “entrepreneurs” to salvage assets from abandoned/moth-balled industrial facilities in the old war zones. It’s important to keep any salvage ops low profile, however, if you want to outsmart the mega-corps. Standard Buildings, Ultimate Insurances, or Total Production, it doesn’t matter. They’re always meddling.

Things to do: