The trip back to Fogho

The Blue Heron is a small ship with four state rooms and very little cargo space (3t). The two rooms are still overcrowded. After a few days, the mood is not great and air is stale.

Lux teaches Kana about basic programming and uses the flight path generation program user-interface to illustrate her point. “Can you verify the flight path from Stefo to Fogho?” It’s confusing and frustrating, but Lux insists. “Kid, before you can hit the gas pedal, you need to know how the ship works.”

Kana says: “o.k., let my try this …” she picks up a little notebook and starts scribbling numbers. She continues for hours on end … erasing, correcting, recalculating, until she’s tired and falls asleep. A good 12 hours later she gets back to Lux to show her what she’s got. She knows she’s botched it and says: “how bad would this have been? marooned in deep space? I’ll try again! Damn it, I know I can learn this!”

(I used the Traveller5 rule here: to manually confirm jump calculations: roll 1D + parsecs under Edu + Astrogator-Skill. That would be a roll of 3D for a 2 parsec jump for a trained astrogator. But since Kana hasn’t learned astrogation, This Is Hard! applies: she has to add one extra die, making it a roll of 4D under her Edu of 6, making it a 1% chance to succeed)