The trip to Moteye

The Blue Heron is a small ship with four state rooms and very little cargo space (3t). It’s currently full of 60 automatic rifles and a sealed self-cooling package of narcotics for Jack Bowden on Moteye. The rooms are still overflowing with bags and stuff, and we try to find a place to sleep amidst the mess… After a few days, the mood is not great.

Lux gave Kana the standard Scout/Courier manual to read. It has the basic information a pilot and an engineer would need to operate the ship. The Blue Heron is equipped with the smallest drives but it also has the smallest hull, so that makes up for it. The controls are easy. When Kana drops in again, wanting to learn more, Lux gives her the manual for the navigation computer program and tasks Kana with verifying the input. That should keep her busy.

On the last day of the trip, Lux talks about home: “Sogeeran is a moon around the gas giant Geeran. There’s no atmosphere to speak of. It was an armed society, a bit like Fogho, but even more high tech. It has tech level E! We had the greatest shipyard of the subsector, Berkova. And artificial intelligences running those ships, made by the Riuzuma society. Truly, it was the best!” She keeps on talking for a long time and when she finishes, Louis looks at Kana and gives her the signal: “so much talking, unbelievable!”