What do we do with Moteye?

At risk of treading roughshod all over Alex’s prep…

So, it seems we have a pretty interesting situation on Moteye, which we could try to do something with, or just cash in on the rifles and bail out.

Presumably the rebellion will be coming to take over the system. But we have at least 2+ weeks, since they would wait for that spy yacht to return to Zugho (1w) with intel and then have to have a warship/troop carrier jump back here (1w). Since Moteye is a shit outpost of “a few hundred” civilians (albeit armed and dangerous) the rebellion is unlikely to dedicate more than one ship to taking it(?).

In this situation, four decent shooters and 60 auto-rifles could make a big difference to the outcome of a rebellion assault. The question becomes whether we want to make that difference, I guess.

We also have the situation with the strongman. In a community of a few hundred any strongman is going to be a major factor, and taking him out (or similar) would be a significant upset to the power balance and/or create a power vacuum… which we could step in and fill (but why?).

So, what can we do with Moteye?

A. Sell the auto-rifles and return to Fogho for the intel reward.

B. Help the scouts at their meeting with the strongman. Then A.

C. Set an ambush against the strongman at the scout meeting, probably without telling the scouts first. Step in and take power. Organize militia with auto-rifles to repel coming rebellion invasion. Become popular, take over Moteye, rule a shit place?

D. Make a deal with the rebellion (yacht). We could offer to take out key defences on ground as rebellion assaults. Or C but welcome the rebellion. What can the rebellion offer us? Better ship/gear/rights to roam the rebellion controlled space and raid Imperial outposts? Allow Louis to default on payments to Sir Aiken since out of Imperium’s reach?

Either way, unless we go with A, we could start by:

  1. Figuring out who this strongman is. (We can contact the scouts with communicators from starport).
  2. Asking around about the local’s feeling of this rebellion versus imperium. Where are their allegiances? Do they fear or welcome the rebellion? They certainly have a rocky history with Zugho.
  3. Contact the yacht. Tell them we support the rebellion. If necessary prove it by showing the 60 contra-band imperial auto-rifles we brought here. Either join them per D or extract some info about their plans and backstab them per C. Or just sell the auto-rifles to Moteye and sell the rebellion plans to Fogho.
  4. Also think about how to treat the scouts. They are in a shit situation: in a fix with the strongman and the rebellion is coming. Do we care? Would C be with the imperium’s blessings?