White Giant

A Miranda class military transport, pilot Dugu Tingfeng, a notorious blockade runner, weapons dealer and war profiteer.

This is a 600t hull with 6 hardpoints, each with a triple turret: 2× sandcasters, 2× beam lasers, 2× missile launchers. This is a somewhat more offensive setup than usual for a military transport.

The ship has 26 staterooms, usually 6 of these are for the minimum crew of 10: pilot, navigator, 3 engineers, medic, 3 gunners; the two officers get a room of their own, the rest use double occupancy, and thus there’s room for up to 40 more people.

This is a tech level 11 (B) design, with J-2 jump drives and 2 G manoeuvrer drives. Payload is a mere 160t.