This is Zugho, UWP A200521-B. There is a gas giant in this system.

Zugho is about the size of Luna, with a diameter of about 3200km. There is no atmosphere to speak of. The use of a vacc suit is mandatory.

The mining has favoured the construction of underground settlements to fill the excavated caverns.

A few hundred thousand inhabitants have settled on the planet. About half the system’s population lives in the largest settlement around the starport, in Tohulur, with about a quarter million people .

Average imperial tech level. Availability of combat armour, Model/5 computers, hand computers, drives J–K.

This is a participating democracy. Popular speakers all have their following. Media law prevents a winner-takes-all takeover and so little bubbles have formed everywhere. The area around the starport is currently under the sway of Tehya.

Zugho has a class A starport. Flashing signs show the logo of Cepheus Corporation who run this shipyard. A bit to the east you can see two dozen huge fuel tanks.

At the starport gates, travellers are warned: no body pistols, bombs, grenades, or chemical weapons past this point. When confronted with criminal activities, you’re on your own. There are no safety guarantees by the state.

In the old days, Zugho used Moteye as a penal colony, trying to get a mining operation started there as well, but sadly the efforts failed and it had to be abandoned.

Zugho still belongs to the “linked systems” – the systems connecting the spinward edge with the trailing edge of the subsystem, all with good class A and B starports, all connected to the subsector capital Gholuzu via fast xboat communications.