Episode 10

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Summary: Stete it is


> Given the equivalent choices of [[Stete]] vs. [[Foste]] in the approach towards [[Gholuzu]], the crew decides to take the [[Blue Heron]] to [[Stete]]; apparently a very rich if underdeveloped world.

As soon as we docked at Ghotegho, ambassador Cheung Duyi had something to attend to. Kana and Brega decided to accompany him. He said he was going to the Jeweled Fish Diners.

Kana: “Oh boy, this ambassador is giving me headaches. It seems like everywhere we escort him to, we get into trouble. He said, he’d need to deliver ‘something’. Well, I thought it prudent to offer him some company. Ghotegho seems to be a troubled place these days. We literally got caught up in a riot … and then almost got killed, when those thugs jumped on us, to kidnap the ambassador. He seems to be into blackmailing of some sort, messing with his own companies employees? What kind of a business is that? And the Red Star Cartel want’s to ‘divert’ him for some time? What’s going on there? And who’s behind it? I say, let’s take him to Gholuzu as quickly as possible and be done with him. I think I made myself clear, that I don’t intend to babysit him any further …”

Goons attacked the ambassador, and in the end, one of them managed to drag the unconscious ambassador away, but in the meantime the party had secured the goons’ truck and when they arrived at the hospital it turns out that the goon with the ambassador was there as well!

Kana: “Funny how we ended up in the same emergency room sitting just across from the half-conscious ambassador and his kidnapper. Well, I hope Brega will recover quickly. And by the way, I do have half a mind to return the med kit we ‘borrowed’ from the hospital …”

Station security officer Abey, to Baron Mark Blythe: “Sir, it seems that the radical fraction around Shirayanagi Chiyako is getting stronger and Tadesse Maygan is having problems in his reform movement. Unfortunately, criminal elements seem to be taking advantage of the situation and have started settling old debts; we found a few Red Star Cartel members in the hospital and clinics on the station. Something is clearly afoot.”

Given the equivalent choices of Stete vs. Foste in the approach towards Gholuzu, the crew decides to take the Blue Heron to Stete; apparently a very rich if underdeveloped world.