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Brega Brodowski

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Brega never had any trouble in school, so when he showed up for the merchant service entrance exam, he was seriously underprepared and just barely made it in. That experience pushed him (for a while anyway) and he worked harder than he ever had before his first term, easily obtaining a commission and a nicely pressed uniform. However, when promotion time rolled around, Brega didn’t get one; rumor has it that his superiors were skeptical because of the crappy entrance exam but were ready to promote him next term if his attitude would stay positive. Of course it didn’t. In any case, Brega took the basic Dagger-1, Rifle-1 defense courses and on a whim picked up Electronics-1 as an elective.

Brega’s next four years were pretty turbulent. He more or less did his job but missing that promotion constantly nagged at him. He flaked off and fell in with a bunch of conspiracy-theory-slinging, crypto-anarchist-philosophy-espousing, neither-effective-nor-dangerous pseudo-criminal-wannabes. Streetwise-1 and a lot of dead brain cells for his efforts; no promotion of course, but they did keep him on because of union troubles.

If they were not going to promote him, Brega was determined to at least figure out how to open those “secure shipping containers” that had the “good stuff” in them. He hit the terminals and labs and picked up Electronics-2 in his third term. Only to discover that “secure shipping containers” worth the name were also secured mechanically; and cryptographically. In fact he got caught messing with one of the containers and was about to get fired, but as luck would have it Brega had some drug-addled-crypto-anarchist-dirt on his superior’s superior. No promotion of course, but a nasty smoking habit what with all the stress.

Brega decided to keep his head down now and to do just a little more than the minimum necessary. For some reason he ended up being in charge of a bunch of “humanitarian prisoner transfers” that supplied “much needed labor force” to certain “remote markets” as it were. Not everyone was compliant, agitators had to be pacified, and Brega ended up with Dagger-2. Although he wasn’t trying, he almost got promoted that term; but the continued abuse he had put his body through started taking its toll all too visibly. Brega worked out a deal with his (promoted by now) superior: take it easy for one more term, then retire with a nice fat pension.

Sadly one of the first things that happened into Brega’s fifth and final term was his “pal” superior getting sacked; of course no record of the “fat” part remained. Depressed and confronted with a future filled with medication, Brega decided to get a basic Medical-1 education. Presumably that would also come in handy when practicing his dagger skills? No matter, he “sailed through” on some unimportant shipping routes and when his new, 20-something “boss” told him that he could stay on, Brega barked “No thanks!” and took the standard rate.


Since mustering out, Brega had been looking for a chance to “get back” at his former employer, the Luju Space Management trading consortium. As luck would have it, he discovered that they were making a few “last-minute runs” to Stefo, a backwater planet on the edge of nowhere that they had previously supplied with old surplus weapons. Having just gotten out of a planet-wide war, Stefo seemed to be the ideal place to hire some disaffected local muscle to help Brega and his old pilot-pal Hahnee steal the big subsidized liner doing the final Stefo run.

Brega got himself Stefo-side and hired a gang of thugs belonging to the Expat Comrades for the job. He had to drop the whole 20,000 credits on this since Hahnee wasn’t liquid at the time. But Brega knew she was good for it, or so he thought anyway. Turns out Hahnee didn’t really need Brega for anything except the basic facts he had already given her. As Brega found out later, she struck a deal with the Prophets of the Dark Moon instead and made off with the ship herself.

Now that the last trading company was about to cut their losses and never again fly to Stefo, Brega needed to find a way off planet. That’s when he ran into Kana in the Dancing Cheetah, some dump of a bar at the loser-end of space. Kana told Brega about Bo and Louis and Lux and the broken ship, and there we go.


Brega found a whole bunch of “Terran Retro Beats” samplers from long, long ago that he’s really into when getting ready for a fight…

One may want to examine the lyrics (for the first two) from Brega’s overall perspective instead of trying to find the love song. The next two are just weird, like you’d expect.