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Kana Fennah

Kana Picture

Army Trooper Kana Fennah 675A65 Age 23, date of birth 120-1082 on Stefo

1 term Cr10,000

Skills: Brawling-1, Rifle-2

Service History: Attempted to enlist in Army. Enlistment accepted. Denied reenlistment after first term.



21-Mar-03 Career Benefit         assets:cash                 10.000,00 Cr  10.000,00 Cr
21-Mar-03 Filter Mask (3)        assets:cash                    -10,00 Cr   9.990,00 Cr
21-Mar-03 Cold Wheather Clothi.. assets:cash                   -200,00 Cr   9.790,00 Cr
21-Mar-03 Compass (3)            assets:cash                    -10,00 Cr   9.780,00 Cr
21-Mar-03 Short Range Communic.. assets:cash                   -225,00 Cr   9.555,00 Cr
21-Mar-03 Green Stone Bar        assets:cash                    -10,00 Cr   9.545,00 Cr
21-Mar-11 2 Daggers (1)          assets:cash                    -20,00 Cr   9.525,00 Cr
21-Mar-25 Aiken Salvage          assets:cash                 24.960,00 Cr  34.485,00 Cr
21-Mar-25 Jump to Fogho (life .. assets:cash                 -2.000,00 Cr  32.485,00 Cr
21-Mar-25 Auto-Rifles at Fogho   assets:cash                -20.000,00 Cr  12.485,00 Cr
21-Mar-25 Rifle with electroni.. assets:cash                 -2.200,00 Cr  10.285,00 Cr
21-Mar-25 4 clips of ammo ; 20.. assets:cash                    -80,00 Cr  10.205,00 Cr
21-Mar-25 Medium Range Communi.. assets:cash                   -250,00 Cr   9.955,00 Cr
21-Mar-25 Cloth Armor            assets:cash                   -250,00 Cr   9.705,00 Cr
21-Apr-01 Auto-Rifles sold on .. assets:cash                 26.000,00 Cr  35.705,00 Cr
21-Apr-01 Drugs for Moteye Sci.. assets:cash                 20.000,00 Cr  55.705,00 Cr
21-Apr-01 Dancing Stone Bar      assets:cash                    -10,00 Cr  55.695,00 Cr
21-Apr-15 6 Continental commun.. assets:cash                -24.000,00 Cr  31.695,00 Cr
21-Apr-15 protection money to .. assets:cash                 -3.334,00 Cr  28.361,00 Cr
21-Apr-25 6 Continental comms .. assets:cash                 45.000,00 Cr  73.361,00 Cr
21-Apr-25 Jump to Draye (life .. assets:cash                 -2.000,00 Cr  71.361,00 Cr
21-Apr-25 Dinner at the Brando.. assets:cash                   -200,00 Cr  71.161,00 Cr
21-May-16 Coffee for the crew    assets:cash                    -12,00 Cr  71.149,00 Cr
21-May-16 Lawyer Elizabeth Ard.. assets:cash                   -400,00 Cr  70.749,00 Cr
21-May-20 to save the ambassador assets:cash                 10.000,00 Cr  80.749,00 Cr


Kana is native to Stefo. She thinks it’s a shithole. She loves her parents and her two brothers and all, but still … a shithole.

Her parents are Julia (56) and Mattis Fennah (60), both factory workers for [[General_Productions?]]. Her brothers are Leo (26) and Anatol (30).

Kana is young and ambitious, keeps dreaming of becoming a space pilot. But there’s just no way on this stupid lump of rock spinning round this stupid backwater super low-IQ fuckin’ star.

She figured joining shitholes army would teach her some necessary skills, but then came the war. Somehow she got away unharmed but when the war was over she got kicked out for notorious disobedience. She got the knack of aiming rifles though, not too bad actually.

Now she tries to hang out where space traders might stop by … well, might …

Damn it, some piece of scrap metal junk with enough rocket fuel inside would be perfectly fine for her to hitch a ride … she’d even try to steer it herself … no risk, no fun, right?

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