Ted Nugent Age: 70 Party Affiliation: Republican Campaign: 2020 United States presidential election (Republican Party primaries) Announced: November 27, 2019 Slogan: “Vote for the Ted, white, and blue”

Ted Nugent, rockstar, hunter, and NRA board member, announced he was running for president on November 27, 2019. His announcement came with a little reluctance since he is friends with Trump. He wanted to make sure that if the impeachment trials ended with Trump being removed from office there was a good representative for the Republicans. With such a late start, he has been working on setting things in motion. He announced his campaign like it is going to be a music tour. In a way, it kind of is since he is travelling all over the country appealing to voters. Since he was a Rockstar it was a fitting announcement. He is sticking with the things he is known for and trying to appeal to his already existent fan base. He has already released a long list of fundraisers and events he plans on holding to help him raise money as fast as possible. He will be holding gun safety courses, fundraisers for wildlife conservation charities,gun shows, and even shooting competitions so appeal to his fan base. Being a known musician, hunter, and gun rights activist, his campaign will be unlike any campaign you’ve ever seen! He is obviously gunning for the Republican nomination. He will be relying on small donations and money from the mentioned events to help him on his campaign trail. He wants to bring the nation back to the people. He is also currently still on the search for a vice president, but there has been speculations that he is trying to recruit Sarah Palin. A vote for Nugent is a vote for America, so “Vote for the Ted, white and Blue!”