Dramatis Personae


Black Stone Clan

Argomé hiSsánchunu: Temple commandant (8th circle) of the new temple of Sárku. Something of a has-been within the temple, he has a reputation for greed. Age 49.

Trujékku hiVársha: Clanmaster and worshiper of Ksárul. He had a good relationship with the former governor. Witty and urbane, he is at the center of what passes for “high culture” in the colony. Age 47.

Vinchán hiVársha: Son of the clanmaster and a bureaucrat in the local palace. Friendly and pleasant but ambitious, he hopes to advance far within the local government. Age 24.

Blazoned Sail Clan

Mikúsa hiTengúna: Clanmaster and a former legionnaire, originally from Jakálla. A strong devotee of Vimúhla, he is nevertheless more interested in expanding his clan’s business interests. Age 50.

Blue Blossom

Raqá hiKhanél: Serious and intelligent young man chosen by the last governor to act as his majordomo, despite the low status of his clan. Speaks Livyáni, in addition to three Naqsái languages. Age 27.

Srúnqa hiKhanél: Clanmaster. Small, wiry old man with a reputation for being very knowledgeable about the lands to the south of Linyaró. Though his family has been Tsolyani-ized over the generations, he still knows “the old ways” of his people. Age 69.


Vínish Ko’ól: A lay priest of Tu’úmesh (Thúmis) from Mu’ugalavyá. He is here as part of a small expedition by his temple to seek out the lands of the Naqsái. Age 40.

House of Worms Clan

Marján: A slave trained as a scribe and accountant, given as a gift to Znayáshu (+Barry Blatt) by Prince Mridóbu. Reads, writes, and speaks Classical Tsolyáni, Engsvanyáli, Livyáni, and modern Tsolyáni. He is thin, serious, and dignified. Age 42.

Njéya hiTigál Chief Ritual Priestess (8th Circle) of the new temple of Sárku. She was a protégée of Dhánra hiKalúnan, the recently deceased High Adept of the Temple of Sárku for the eastern empire. Age 24.


Tluváz Narán: Tall, thin, and balding, he acted as the harbormaster of the illicit smuggling port tacitly supported by the governors of both Linyaró and Nuróab. Age 48, member of the Bright Pentagram clan of Livyánu.

Iron Helm Clan

Shirgár hiVázhu: Last governor of Linyaró. Died under mysterious circumstances, believed to have been murdered.

Srüna hiVázhu: Daughter of the former governor of Linyaró. A lay priestess of Ksárul, she was her father’s primary adviser in the last months of his life. Age 23.


Jesház Archán: Handsome and glib, he is the Livyáni trade delegate in Linyaró. He dresses ostentatiously and has a love for parties. He is a member of the Blue-Green Ocean clan. Age 36.


Chmá Kurrúch: Sunímash (Regent) of the city and high priest of the god Eyenál. Age 53.

Choméj Loríq: Second son of Deqó of the lineage of Rasúruk. Tall, bald, imposing. Badíl (Marshal) of the city’s military forces. Age 49.

Susá Tengkásh: Ritual priest of Eyenál and a true believer in his eventual return to rule over the city. Age 30.


Akchúr Dzoród: Headman of the village. Second son of Ngál of the lineage of Humarshík. Age 48.

Jní Dunáyash: Young but experienced hunter. First son of Mishé of the lineage of Kunkúm. Age 23.


Artúz Essúra: Close friend of the deceased Shivunáz Galáku, with whom he often traveled to nearby Naqsái cities. Age 24, member of the Portico of Yellow Gold clan.

Artubáz Marél: Agent of the Vru’unéb, where he has the designation “Twelfth of Fourteen.” Member of the Ivory Pavilion clan. Age 29.

Chanchayánto: Naqsái slave of Trináz Qalái. Knowledgeable in the languages of both the Five Empires and the Southern Continent. Age 25.

Liyáb: Slave in the household of governor Míuz Galáku. Expert player of games, such as Ao’áb. Age 21.

Má’ab Dlésha: Agent of the Vru’unéb, where she has the designation “Third of Seven.” Member of the Blazon of Scarlet clan. Age 24.

Míuz Galáku: Current governor of the city. Member of the Bright Feathered Cloak clan and a worshiper of Qame’él. A political non-entity in his native land, his current posting is not a glamorous one. Age 47.

Shivunáz Galáku: Deceased son of Governor Míuz Galáku, who died as a result of an acute but mysterious illness. Age 23.

Trináz Qalái: Vice-governor of the colony. Member of the clan of Intertwined Flowers. Age 35.

Omnipotent Azure Legion

Alün hiNangára: Member of the Green Bough clan and a worshiper of Thúmis. Age 44.

Miyél hiNangára: Like her sister, Alün, a worshiper of Thúmis. Age 43.

Red Moon Clan

Ngáya hiSavál: Clanmistress and lay priestess of Vimúhla. Came to Linyaró to escape her family Jakálla (including a husband and several children). Age 36.

Red Sky Clan

Abáshu hiMalár: A zealous ritual priest within the Temple of Vimúhla, who was formerly a legionnaire in Tsolyánu. Age 39.

Chavásh hiMránu: Son of the clanmaster and a distinguished soldier among the governor’s guard. Age 22.

Dásun hiChúnmiyel: Linyaró’s harbormaster, a position he inherited from his father. Middle-aged but still good-looking. Obsequious to those in positions of authority. Age 44.

Garúda hiMránu: Clanmaster. Tall and heavy-set, with very dark, sun-tanned skin, he is a devotee of Chiténg, as the scars on his body attest. Age 45.

Ovársh hiChúnmiyel: Handsome but vapid son of Dásun hiChúnmiyel. Devotes most of his time to women and parties. Age 20.

Sinking Land Clan

Helúka hiAlélne: High Administrative Priest of the temple of Belkhánu. Speaks very precisely, in an attempt to hide his low-born accent. Very conscious of his status and puts on airs. Age 51.

Orúsu hiKángmodu: Clanmaster. Big, jolly fellow who is very family oriented. Age 44.


Khú-Shá-Gsh: A mercenary who became impressed so impressed by Znayáshu’s dealing with the smugglers in Hritlá that he has now devoted himself to Lord Sárku.

Nkék-Ssá: Leader of a band of mercenaries who have offered their services to the governor of Linyaró.

Silver Collar Clan

Rétku hiCháika: A sponsor of gladiators in the local arena. Big, bluff, and jovial, he has a large family (twelve children by four wives and several concubines) and throws a good party. A worshiper of Chegárra. Age 34.

Temple of Hrü’ü

Chélqa hiChikónu: Temple Commandant (8th Circle) of the new temple of Hrü’ü. Formerly an officer of the temple guard, he has been studying ecclesiastical administration to advance further within the temple. Linyaró is his chance to prove himself. Age 35. Member of the Deep Flowing Water clan.

Werék hiChayánu Chief Ritual Priest (8th Circle) of the new temple of Hrü’ü. Moonfaced, balding on top, with big ears that stick out. Pleasant and laughs easily. Age 31. Member of the Dark Fear clan.

Temple of Ksárul

Chánkoru hiKhánuma: Ancient fellow who serves as both Administrative and Ritual High Priest of the temple, owing to his fastidiousness (and power hungry nature, or so say others). Member of the Black Stone clan. Has innumerable wives, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. Age 77.

Temple of Vimúhla

Káyish hiNezár: Administrative High Priest of the temple. Member of the Red Mountain clan, few of which live in Linyaró, so he dwells in the temple dormitory. Grim and efficient. Age 52.


Blade Raised High Clan Yeréshtu hiFershéna: Aged ex-legionnaire who served as Dritlán in the First Legion during his youth. Very devoted to Karakán and “the old ways.” Age 67.

Company of the Consuming Flame Khángor hiVríddi: Tsolyáni expatriate who grew up in Sa’á Allaqí. Brother-in-law and second of Múrga Chabáku. Nurses a grudge against Tsolyánu. Age 23.

Múrga Chabáku: Sa’á Allaqiyáni mercenary captain and devotee of Vimúhla (whom he calls Vumél). Loud-mouthed and misogynistic, he is nevertheless a formidable warrior and well liked by his men. Age 36.

Coppper Door Clan

Mlára hiHetkuné: Attractive and intelligent lay priestess with a surprising knowledge of demon lore and esoteric doctrines of Lord Sárku’s faith. Age 24.

Tsodlán hiHetkuné: Equally attractive brother of Mlára (though far less intelligent). Claims to have served as a legionnaire in the 9th Imperial Medium Infantry (the Battalions of the Seal of the Worm). Age 25.

Foreigners Quarter of Sokátis

Churrugtéshmu Gaggálmikè: Salarvyáni spymaster posing as a factor in Sokátis; member of the Green Forest clan; age 43.

Hrk-Ssha: Shén mercenary employed by the governor of Sokátis. Worshiper of Hrü’ü when among humans.

Zóshsha Tukkúshshamrü: Salarvyáni priestess of Shiringgáyi, masquerading as a priestess of Dlamélish named Tsolísha hiTúkkimchash (among many other identities). She acted as a spy and provocateur under the direction of Churrugtéshmu Gaggálmikè. Currently in the custody of the Omnipotent Azure Legion. Age 26.

Glory of the Worm Clan

Dálu hiDautlésa: Originally from Jakálla but spent many years in Khúm in Salarvyá with his aged father, Aknállu. Self-proclaimed “collector of antiquities” (mostly useless junk). Age 45.

Golden Bough Clan

Aludál hiTéshku: High ritual priest of Belkhánu; age 93.

Arimála hiSayú: Third wife of Aludál hiTéshku; deceased.

Chu’ésa hiVordésa: Clan archivist; age 39.

Dletána hiSayú: Second wife of Aludál hiTéshku; deceased.

Hekélla hiTéshku: lay priestess of Hnálla; granddaughter of Aludál hiTéshku; age 40.

Hmásu hiTéshku: Age 29; another of Aludál’s descendants (a great-granddaughter); 5th circle scholar priestess of Belkhánu; interested in embalming and funerary customs; very intelligent but plain.

Husó: House slave; age 42.

Marála hiVárshu: non-descript woman of advanced years who acts as matchmaker for the clan; age 67.

Mnélla hiBosúga: Fourth wife of Aludál hiTéshku; “good clan girl,” age 46.

Su’únu hiTukólu: First wife of Aludál hiTéshku; deceased.

Vridékka hiGallái: Priest of Keténgku; age 33.

House of Worms

Héketh hiNe’ému: Last member of the Ne’ému lineage in Sokátis; died at the age of 103; devout member of the Temple of Sárku.

Jukélsa hiTigál: Clanmaster; 47 years old.

Káshma hiKhanúma: Clan archivist; 59 years old.

Mrído: Head slave; age 57.

Telék hiChayénga: Nephew of Káshma hiKhanúma; apprentice archivist; age 20.

Túlkesh: Clan slave used a messenger of important documents; 49 years old; deceased.


Chavár Kakkúrai: Kilalammuyáni soldier who served in Hekéllu under Tsolyáni commanders. Injured during his service (missing left forearm), now working as a translator. Age 30.

Dalkén hiKárka: Scholar priest of the Temple of Hrü’ü, member of Dark Water clan and a native of Thráya. Interested in the supposed Engsvanyáli presence in Kilalámmu. Age 25.

Hennékum Beshúlekka: The Supreme Swordsman (Héshrik in the local dialect of Kilalammuyáni) of the city and chieftain (Dzéù) of his White and Black clan. Age 48.

Mshén hiVashkóru: High Administrative priestess of the Temple of Hrü’ü, member of the Great Stone clan and a native of Khirgár. Diplomatic attaché to the court of the Supreme Swordsman. Age 50.


Balshómo hiMawár: A Kási in the 6th Imperial Medium Infantry and a member of the Copper Triangle clan. He is an old legion buddy of Grujúng, who knew him as a raw recruit way back when. Age 36.

Chéleth hiTúrshina: A ritual priest at the Temple of Belkhánu and a member of the Amber Cloak clan. Old and stodgy, he detests foreigners, particularly the Sa’á Allaqiyáni who dwell in the city’s Foreigners Quarter. He is incensed that there is a temple dedicated to the One of Light within Ferinára’s walls. Age 59.

Melinála hiTakúma: OAL representative in Ferinára. She is comparatively young to hold such a high position. She is a member of the Green Bough clan. Age 32.

Yunésa Hchék: A Surgéth operative undercover in Ferinára. A member of the Light Upon the Deeps clan, she is thin and pretty. Now in the custody of the OAL. Age 29.

Kumashkékkur Fiefdom Chekrásh hiAshúla: Clanmaster of the Open Sepulchre clan. Age 75.

Kakársu hiAshúla: Eldest son of Chekrásh hiAshúla, who acts in his father’s place, due to his advanced age. Age 49.

Kárua hiTlakán: Daughter and only child of Korusái hiTlakán. Age 17.

Korusái hiTlakán: Current Hehéllukoi. Member of the Blade Raised High clan. Age 39.

Onuré hiMáika: 12th Circle District Prefect. Member of the White Stone clan. Age 52.

Sa’áka hiOnudál: Priestess of Avánthe and the second wife of Korusái hiTlakán. Member of the low status Green Forest clan. She reputedly does not like her stepdaughter, Kárua, and has blocked attempts to marry her off to someone suitable from the Blade Raised High clan. Age 25.

Taluél: Slave guardian and teacher of Káru hiTlakán. Age 60.

Urkhú: Slave Majorodomo of Korusái hiTlakán at his fortress. Age 50.

Nighted Tower Clan Mátlor hiHagósa: Clanmaster of Sokátis. Portly, balding man of middle age with an obsequious personality. Age 48.

Omnipotent Azure Legion Arésu hiVórodu: Handsome, dignified middle aged man with a crooked smile; newly appointed station head in Sokátis; believed to be a servant of Dhich’uné; member of the Domed Tomb clan; age 48.

Chékkan hiKarélsa: Short, balding man of middle age with an outwardly pleasant demeanor; investigator for the OAL; member of the Cloak of Azure Gems clan; age 52.

Dzenúra hiChayátl: Skinny old woman who looks like she’s been carved from a piece of gnarled wood. Special operative of the OAL with connections to Prince Mridóbu. Member of the Black Wheel clan. Age 71.

Palace of the Realm Ishála hiArusá: Aridáni register of wills; 70 years old.

Salarvyáni Travelers Rayáshzè Di’ibála: Attractive sorceress, traveling with her family to Ch’óchi in Mu’ugalavyá, member of the Roaring Black Wind clan; age 39.

Rugó Charéshshu: Burly warrior, husband of Rayáshzè, member of the Bright Gold clan; age 43.

Vajjáka Charéshmu: son of Rayáshzè and Rugó, an apprentice warrior, more interested in foreign women than exploration; age 16.

Sea Blue Clan Heqéna hiArsúnu: Wealthy aristocrat whose now-deceased son, Visán, was a priest of Keténgku. Indebted to Znayáshu for his help in ascertaining Visán’s fate. Age 60.

Temple of Dlamélish Arkútu hiKhúrsa: Unctuous priest with a broad and creepy smile who serves at the Green House of the Bountiful Gardens; 29 years old.

Armékh hiSánga: Administrative priest in charge of the Green House of the Bountiful Gardens; 44 years old.

Rimáya hiKársaku: high administrative priestess; she is very skilled and influential; age unknown but ancient; member of the Green Kirtle clan.

Temple of Durritlámish Ajái hiKirisáya: High administrative priest; member of the Black Fear clan; age 39. Spiffy dresser.

Arái hiMránu: Temple archivist; member of the Copper Triangle clan; age 45.

Dhalái hiKashté: Lay priestess; member of the Copper Door clan; age 46.

Fashránu hiNokór: High priest and Molkár of the Legion of Lord Durritlámish of the Rotted Face (6th Imperial Medium Infantry); age 62.

Temple of Hrü’ü Serésha hiUsúetl: Originally from Khirgár; she is a scholar priestess of unknown (but reputedly high) circle, visiting Sokátis for research purposes; elegant and somewhat pushy; she is said to be looking for a second husband; age 29; member of the Purple Globe clan.

Su’ósa hiChikónu: Originally from Mrélu, he is a 12th circle scholar priest; member of the Hand of Darkness clan; age 40.

Temple of Sárku Abáshu hiTéshku: Temple guard; member of the Black Monolith clan; 23 years old.

Chidámu hiKaloné’i: Administrative high priest and clan brother of the governor of Sokátis; member of the Black Stone clan; age 50.

Eshán hiSsóru: High ritual priest; member of the Black Stone clan; age 50.

Hijásu hiTlélsu: High ritual priest; member of the Copper Triangle clan; age 54

Jarshán hiKárka: Chief embalmer; member of the Black Stone clan; 51 years old.

Temple of Thúmis Ejél hiKaráktu: Administrative priest in charge of the Engsvanyáli Civic Archive on Level 5 of the Underworld beneath Sokátis; commander of the Servitors of Arnésh, who protect the Archive. Member of the Emerald Girdle clan. Age 57.

Tikónu hiNezár: Scholar priest and colleague of Keléno. Member of the Scroll of Wisdom clan. Interested in Engsvanyáli history. Age 26.

The College Toneshkéthu Híkur: Third Stage Student of Sinustragán Dzáshu, working to complete her dissertation. Speaks Tsolyáni with an Engsvanyáli accent. Age 25 (seemingly).

Thráya Balél hiAyánmu: High scholar priest of the Temple of Sárku, who works as house wizard to the Chief Wife of the city’s governor. Uncle of the deceased Tu’ásha hiNarkóda. Member of the Mourning Rock clan; Age 54.

Ikáme hiMorúne: Chief wife of Máyu hiTúnkesh. She’s a pretty little gold digger who loves feasts and fashions. She is also interested in occult matters, particularly the prediction of the future through astrology. Age 28.

Máyu hiTúnkesh: Governor of the city. Fat, oily, and nearly bald, he is a weak administrator. He is very devoted to Wurú and his immense family. He has 32 wives and untold numbers of concubines by whom he is reputed to have sired more than 500 children! Member of the Blue Shadow clan; Age 62.

Urúme hiChálsa: Newly-appointed (thanks to Prince Dhich’une) OAL chief in the city. Thin, gaunt, and nervous, he walks with a limp. Seemingly apolitical and loyal to the Imperium, despite his familial ties to the Copper Tomb Society.

Thukúma Kittámaz Jojjenáma: Aged Kilalammuyáni chieftain who claims to be the grandson of Grujúng. Recently wounded in battle against the Servants of the Blue Flame. Age 61.

Qúnra Fasírik: Handsome young warrior, much beloved of the women of Thukúma. Something of a hothead. Age 24.