Balshómo hiMawár

A Kási in the 6th Imperial Medium Infantry and a member of the Copper Triangle clan. He is an old legion buddy of Grujúng hiZnáyu, who knew him as a raw recruit way back when. Age 46.

Chéleth hiTúrshina

A ritual priest at the Temple of Belkhánu and a member of the Amber Cloak clan. Old and stodgy, he detests foreigners, particularly the Sa’á Allaqiyáni who dwell in the city’s Foreigners Quarter. He is incensed that there is a temple dedicated to the One of Light within Ferinára’s walls. Age 59.

Melinála hiTakúma

OAL representative in Ferinára. She is comparatively young to hold such a high position. She is a member of the Green Bough clan. Age 32.

Yunésa Hchék

A Surgéth operative undercover in Ferinára. A member of the Light Upon the Deeps clan, she is thin and pretty. Now in the custody of the OAL. Age 29.