Kumashkékkur Fiefdom

Chekrásh hiAshúla

Clanmaster of the Open Sepulchre clan. Age 75.

Kakársu hiAshúla

Eldest son of Chekrásh hiAshúla, who acts in his father’s place, due to his advanced age. Age 49.

Kárua hiTlakán

Daughter and only child of Korusái hiTlakán. Age 17.

Korusái hiTlakán

Current Hehéllukoi. Member of the Blade Raised High clan. Age 39.

Onuré hiMáika

12th Circle District Prefect. Member of the White Stone clan. Age 52.

Sa’áka hiOnudál

Priestess of Avánthe and the second wife of Korusái hiTlakán. Member of the low status Green Forest clan. She reputedly does not like her stepdaughter, Kárua, and has blocked attempts to marry her off to someone suitable from the Blade Raised High clan. Age 25.


Slave guardian and teacher of Kárua hiTlakán. Age 60.


Slave Majorodomo of Korusái hiTlakán at his fortress. Age 50.