Black Stone Clan

Alér hiKaródla: Young warrior who was something of an outcast among his clan mates in Tsolyánu because of his worship of Chegárra; Age 22.

Argomé hiSsánchunu: Temple commandant (8th circle) of the new temple of Sárku. Something of a has-been within the temple, he has a reputation for greed. Age 49.

Jalúda hiSsáivra/: Ritual priestess within the Temple of Hrü’ü; tutors others in ceremonial magic; Age 26.

Sorúda hiVráika: Clan matchmaker; Age 64.

Ta’ána hiKhánuma: Granddaughter of Chánkoru hiKhánuma of the Temple of Ksárul. Pretty, intelligent, and ambitious. Wife of Aíthfo hiZnáyu of the House of Worms clan. Age 19.

Ti’úsa hiRirúnel: Ritual priestess within the Temple of Ksárul; expert in demonology; Age 39.

Trujékku hiVársha: Clanmaster and worshiper of Ksárul. He had a good relationship with the former governor. Witty and urbane, he is at the center of what passes for “high culture” in the colony. Age 47.

Vinchán hiVársha: Son of Trujékka and a bureaucrat in the local palace. Friendly and pleasant but ambitious, he hopes to advance far within the local government. Age 24.

Blazoned Sail Clan

Mikúsa hiTengúna: Clanmaster and a former legionnaire, originally from Jakálla. A strong devotee of Vimúhla, he is nevertheless more interested in expanding his clan’s business interests. Age 50.

Blue Blossom

Mírsha hiGirén: Lay priestess (sorceress) associated with the Temple of Ksárul; practitioner of traditional Naqsái magic; third wife of Keléno hiNokór of the House of Worms clan; age 23.

Raqá hiKhanél: Serious and intelligent young man chosen by the last governor to act as his majordomo, despite the low status of his clan. Speaks Livyáni, in addition to three Naqsái languages. Age 27.

Srúnqa hiKhanél: Clanmaster. Small, wiry old man with a reputation for being very knowledgeable about the lands to the south of Linyaró. Though his family has been Tsolyáni-ized over the generations, he still knows “the old ways” of his people. Age 69.

Copper Door

Akolána hiHetkuné: Eldest daughter of the clanmaster; oversees the clan’s shipping and moneylending concerns. Quiet and serious; Age 25.


Anjáb Archán: Sister of the Livyáni trade delegate to Linyaró; like him, ostentatious and fun-loving. Seeking a Tsolyáni husband of status to cement an alliance with her Blue-Green Ocean clan. Non-Aridáni. Age 25.

Jesház Archán: Handsome and glib, he is the Livyáni trade delegate in Linyaró. He dresses ostentatiously and has a love for parties. He is a member of the Blue-Green Ocean clan. Age 36.

Miyomáz Arshú: Middle-aged, wears long hair in a bun tied at the back of his head. Officious and self-important. Part of the Livyáni trade delegation. Member of the Valley of Emerald clan. Age 54.

Tríddaz Uó: Noble traveler who regularly moves between Linyaró and Nuróab. Suspected of being an agent of Vrú’uneb. Member of Blood Red Orb clan. Age 42.

Vínish Ko’ól: A lay priest of Tu’úmesh (Thúmis) from Mu’ugalavyá. He is here as part of a small expedition by his temple to seek out the lands of the Naqsái. Age 40.

House of Worms Clan

Chanchayánto: Naqsái slave gifted to Keléno hiNokór by Trináz Qalái of Nuróab. Knowledgeable in the languages of both the Five Empires and the Southern Continent. Age 25.

Marján: A slave trained as a scribe and accountant, given as a gift to Znayáshu hiNokór by Prince Mridóbu. Reads, writes, and speaks Classical Tsolyáni, Engsvanyáli, Livyáni, and modern Tsolyáni. He is thin, serious, and dignified. Age 42.

Njéya hiTigál: Chief Ritual Priestess (8th Circle) of the new temple of Sárku. She was a protégée of Dhánra hiKalúnan, the recently deceased High Adept of the Temple of Sárku for the eastern empire. Age 24.

Iron Helm Clan

Shirgár hiVázhu: Last governor of Linyaró. Died under mysterious circumstances, believed to have been murdered by persons unknown after beginning an investigation into the ruins of Pashkírigo.

Srüna hiVázhu: Daughter of the former governor of Linyaró. A lay priestess of Ksárul, she was her father’s primary adviser in the last months of his life. High-handed and petulant, she has taken a liking to Grujúng hiZnáyu, clanmaster of the House of Worms clan in the city; Age 23.

Omnipotent Azure Legion

Alün hiNangára: Member of the Green Bough clan and a worshiper of Thúmis. Age 44.

Miyél hiNangára: Like her sister, Alün, a worshiper of Thúmis. Age 43.

Red Moon Clan

Ngáya hiSavál: Clanmistress and lay priestess of Vimúhla. Came to Linyaró to escape her family Jakálla (including a husband and several children). Age 36.

Tumé hiSavál: An ex-legionnaire and renowned swordsman who hires himself out as a bodyguard. Worshiper of Karakán; Age 30.

Red Sky Clan

Abáshu hiMalár: A zealous ritual priest within the Temple of Vimúhla, who was formerly a legionnaire in Tsolyánu. Age 39.

Chavásh hiMránu: Son of the clanmaster and a distinguished soldier among the governor’s guard. Age 22.

Dásun hiChúnmiyel: Linyaró’s harbormaster, a position he inherited from his father. Middle-aged but still good-looking. Obsequious to those in positions of authority. Age 44.

Garúda hiMránu: Clanmaster. Tall and heavy-set, with very dark, sun-tanned skin, he is a devotee of Chiténg, as the scars on his body attest. Age 45.

Ovársh hiChúnmiyel: Handsome but vapid son of Dásun hiChúnmiyel. Devotes most of his time to women and parties. Age 20.

Silver Collar Clan

Rétku hiCháika: A sponsor of gladiators in the local arena. Big, bluff, and jovial, he has a large family (twelve children by four wives and several concubines) and throws a good party. A worshiper of Chegárra. Age 34.

Sinking Land Clan

Helúka hiAlélne: High Administrative Priest of the temple of Belkhánu. Speaks very precisely, in an attempt to hide his low-born accent. Very conscious of his status and puts on airs. Age 51.

Isúra hiAlélne: Daughter of Helúka and, like him, a devotee of Belkhánu. She is a ritual priestess within the temple and a social climber seeking a high-born husband. Age 20.

Orúsu hiKángmodu: Clanmaster. Big, jolly fellow who is very family oriented. Age 44.


Khú-Shá-Gsh: Known affectionately as “Gúsh,” a mercenary who was so impressed by Znayáshu’s dealing with the smugglers in Hritlá that he has now devoted himself to Lord Sárku.

Nkék-Ssá: Leader of a band of mercenaries who have offered their services to the governor of Linyaró.

Temple of Hrü’ü

Chélqa hiChikónu: Temple Commandant (8th Circle) of the new temple of Hrü’ü. Formerly an officer of the temple guard, he has been studying ecclesiastical administration to advance further within the temple. Linyaró is his chance to prove himself. Age 35. Member of the Deep Flowing Water clan.

Chéshnuka hiChanúsa: One-eyed ritual priest of Wurú; member of the Dark Flame clan. Age 51.

Sorúda hiSsáivra: 7th Circle ritual priestess within the Temple of Hrü’ü; acts as a tutor of the intricacies of ceremonial magic; Black Stone clan, age 26.

Werék hiChayánu: Chief Ritual Priest (8th Circle) of the new temple of Hrü’ü. Moonfaced, balding on top, with big ears that stick out. Pleasant and laughs easily. Age 31. Member of the Dark Fear clan.

Temple of Ksárul

Chánkoru hiKhánuma: Ancient fellow who serves as both Administrative and Ritual High Priest of the temple, owing to his fastidiousness (and power hungry nature, or so say others). Member of the Black Stone clan. Has innumerable wives, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. Age 77.

Tsútel hiVoruséka: Administrative priest, aide to Chánkoru hiKhánuma. Slending, balding, and impatient. Two wives and four children. Member of Great Stone clan.

Tulkésh hiChayátl: Sorcerer of some note, with a specialty in banishing demons. Has extensive knowledge of the Book of Ebon Bindings and other esoteric texts. Extremely secretive and devoted to the temple. Member of the Black Hood clan. Age 39.

Temple of Sárku

Jnáika hiTurushán: Ritual priestess originally from Jakálla, which she left, it is said, because of a scandal. Friendly and athletic, she is also a sorceress of considerable skill. Age 30.

Temple of Vimúhla

Káyish hiNezár: Administrative High Priest of the temple. Member of the Red Mountain clan, few of which live in Linyaró, so he dwells in the temple dormitory. Grim and efficient. Age 52.