Artúz Essúra

Close friend of the deceased Shivunáz Galáku, with whom he often traveled to nearby Naqsái cities. Age 24, member of the Portico of Yellow Gold clan.

Artubáz Marél

Agent of the Vru’unéb, where he has the designation “Twelfth of Fourteen.” Member of the Ivory Pavilion clan. Age 29.


Slave in the household of governor Míuz Galáku. Expert player of games, such as Ao’áb. Age 21.

Má’ab Dlésha

Agent of the Vru’unéb, where she has the designation “Third of Seven.” Member of the Blazon of Scarlet clan. Age 24.

Míuz Galáku

Current governor of the city. Member of the Bright Feathered Cloak clan and a worshiper of Qame’él. A political non-entity in his native land, his current posting is not a glamorous one. Age 47.

“Second of Three”

Senior Vru’unéb officer, his real name is unknown. Appears to be in his mid-40s.

Shivunáz Galáku

Deceased son of Governor Míuz Galáku, who died as a result of an acute but mysterious illness. Age 23.

Trináz Qalái

Vice-governor of the colony. Member of the clan of Intertwined Flowers. Age 35.