Blade Raised High Clan

Yeréshtu hiFershéna: Aged ex-legionnaire who served as Dritlán in the First Legion during his youth. Very devoted to Karakán and “the old ways.” Age 67.

Coppper Door Clan

Mlára hiHetkuné: Attractive and intelligent lay priestess with a surprising knowledge of demon lore and esoteric doctrines of Lord Sárku’s faith. Member of the Copper Tomb Society and an agent of Prince Dhich’uné. Age 24.

Tsodlán hiHetkuné: Equally attractive brother of Mlára (though far less intelligent). Claims to have served as a legionnaire in the 9th Imperial Medium Infantry (the Battalions of the Seal of the Worm). Age 25.

Foreigners Quarter

Churrugtéshmu Gaggálmikè: Salarvyáni spymaster posing as a factor in Sokátis; member of the Green Forest clan. Seems to have fled the city after his latest plot was discovered. Currently wanted by the Omnipotent Azure Legion. Age 43.

Hrk-Sshá: Shén mercenary employed by the governor of Sokátis. Worshiper of Hrü’ü when among humans.

Zóshsha Tukkúshshamrü: Salarvyáni priestess of Shiringgáyi, masquerading as a priestess of Dlamélish named Tsolísha hiTúkkimchash (among many other identities). She acted as a spy and provocateur under the direction of Churrugtéshmu Gaggálmikè. Currently in the custody of the Omnipotent Azure Legion. Age 26.

Glory of the Worm Clan

Dálu hiDautlésa: Originally from Jakálla but spent many years in Khúm in Salarvyá with his aged father, Aknállu. Self-proclaimed “collector of antiquities” (mostly useless junk). Age 45.

Golden Bough Clan

Aludál hiTéshku: High ritual priest of Belkhánu; age 93.

Arimála hiSayú: Third wife of Aludál hiTéshku; deceased.

Chu’ésa hiVordésa: Clan archivist; age 39.

Dletána hiSayú: Second wife of Aludál hiTéshku; deceased.

Hekélla hiTéshku: Lay priestess of Hnálla; granddaughter of Aludál hiTéshku; age 40.

Hmásu hiTéshku: Another of Aludál’s descendants (a great-granddaughter); 5th circle scholar priestess of Belkhánu; interested in embalming and funerary customs; very intelligent but lacking in social graces. Wife of Keléno hiTéshku of the House of Worms clan. Age 29.

Husó: House slave; age 42.

Marála hiVárshu: non-descript woman of advanced years who acts as matchmaker for the clan; age 67.

Mnélla hiBosúga: Fourth wife of Aludál hiTéshku; “good clan girl,” age 46.

Su’únu hiTukólu: First wife of Aludál hiTéshku; deceased.

Vridékka hiGallái: Priest of Keténgku; age 33.

House of Worms

Héketh hiNe’ému: Last member of the Ne’ému lineage in Sokátis; died at the age of 103; devout member of the Temple of Sárku.

Jukélsa hiTigál: Clanmaster; 47 years old.

Káshma hiKhanúma: Clan archivist; 59 years old.

Mrído: Head slave; age 57.

Túlkesh: Clan slave used a messenger of important documents; 49 years old; deceased.

Nighted Tower Clan

Mátlor hiHagósa: Clanmaster of Sokátis. Portly, balding man of middle age with an obsequious personality. Age 48.

Omnipotent Azure Legion

Arésu hiVórodu: Handsome, dignified middle aged man with a crooked smile; newly appointed station head in Sokátis; believed to be a servant of Dhich’uné; member of the Domed Tomb clan; age 48.

Chékkan hiKarélsa: Short, balding man of middle age with an outwardly pleasant demeanor; investigator for the OAL; member of the Cloak of Azure Gems clan; age 52.

Dzenúra hiChayátl: Skinny old woman who looks like she’s been carved from a piece of gnarled wood. Special operative of the OAL with connections to Prince Mridóbu. Member of the Black Wheel clan. Age 71.

Palace of the Realm

Ishála hiArusá: Aridáni register of wills; member of the Golden Sphere clan; 70 years old.

Salarvyáni Travelers

Rayáshzè Di’ibála: Attractive sorceress, traveling with her family to Ch’óchi in Mu’ugalavyá, member of the Roaring Black Wind clan; age 39.

Rugó Charéshshu: Burly warrior, husband of Rayáshzè, member of the Bright Gold clan; age 43.

Vajjáka Charéshmu: son of Rayáshzè and Rugó, an apprentice warrior, more interested in foreign women than exploration; age 16.

Sea Blue Clan

Heqéna hiArsúnu: Wealthy aristocrat whose now-deceased son, Visán, was a priest of Keténgku. Indebted to Znayáshu for his help in ascertaining Visán’s fate. Age 60.

Temple of Dlamélish

Arkútu hiKhúrsa: Unctuous priest with a broad and creepy smile who serves at the Green House of the Bountiful Gardens; 29 years old.

Armékh hiSánga: Administrative priest in charge of the Green House of the Bountiful Gardens; 44 years old.

Rimáya hiKársaku: high administrative priestess; she is very skilled and influential; age unknown but ancient; member of the Green Kirtle clan.

Temple of Durritlámish

Ajái hiKirisáya: High administrative priest; member of the Black Fear clan; age 39. Spiffy dresser.

Arái hiMránu: Temple archivist; member of the Copper Triangle clan; age 45.

Dhalái hiKashté: Lay priestess; member of the Copper Door clan; age 46.

Fashránu hiNokór: High priest and Molkár of the Legion of Lord Durritlámish of the Rotted Face (6th Imperial Medium Infantry); member of the Dark Water clan; age 62.

Temple of Hrü’ü

Serésha hiUsúetl: Originally from Khirgár; she is a scholar priestess of unknown (but reputedly high) circle, visiting Sokátis for research purposes; elegant and somewhat pushy; she is said to be looking for a second husband; age 29; member of the Purple Globe clan.

Su’ósa hiChikónu: Originally from Mrélu, he is a 12th circle scholar priest; member of the Hand of Darkness clan; age 40.

Temple of Sárku

Abáshu hiTéshku: Temple guard; member of the Black Monolith clan; 23 years old.

Chidámu hiKaloné’i: Administrative high priest and clan brother of the governor of Sokátis; member of the Black Stone clan; age 50.

Eshán hiSsóru: High ritual priest; member of the Black Stone clan; age 50.

Hijásu hiTlélsu: High ritual priest; member of the Copper Triangle clan; age 54

Jarshán hiKárka: Chief embalmer; member of the Black Stone clan; 51 years old.

Temple of Thúmis

Ejél hiKaráktu: Administrative priest in charge of the Engsvanyáli Civic Archive on Level 5 of the Underworld beneath Sokátis; commander of the Servitors of Arnésh, who protect the Archive. Member of the Emerald Girdle clan. Age 57.

Tikónu hiNezár: Scholar priest and colleague of Keléno. Member of the Scroll of Wisdom clan. Interested in Engsvanyáli history. Age 26.