Balél hiAyánmu

High scholar priest of the Temple of Sárku, who works as house wizard to the Chief Wife of the city’s governor. Uncle of the deceased Tu’ásha hiNarkóda. Member of the Mourning Rock clan; Age 54.

Ikáme hiMorúne

Chief wife of Máyu hiTúnkesh. She’s a pretty little gold digger who loves feasts and fashions. She is also interested in occult matters, particularly the prediction of the future through astrology. Age 28.

Máyu hiTúnkesh

Governor of the city. Fat, oily, and nearly bald, he is a weak administrator. He is very devoted to Wurú and his immense family. He has 32 wives and untold numbers of concubines by whom he is reputed to have sired more than 500 children! Member of the Blue Shadow clan; Age 62.

Urúme hiChálsa

Newly-appointed (thanks to Prince Dhich’une) OAL chief in the city. Thin, gaunt, and nervous, he walks with a limp. Seemingly apolitical and loyal to the Imperium, despite his familial ties to the Copper Tomb Society.