UPH Campaign Planning Form

Title: Teratologies: Unnatural Phenomena Harder
Starting Year: 2019
Rate Time Passes: During a mission time will pass fairly slowly, either hour to hour or day to day, depending on the circumstances. In between missions there could be weeks of downtime.
Genre & Style: Modern action/adventure fantasy, Cinematic.

Campaign Background

Base Area: The basic area that you’ll be exploring is probably mostly North America, although you are working for a global organization so you could wind up anywhere in the planet. You might have a sick base to retreat to granted by your patron monster-hunting organization, but it’ll probably mostly be used for you to relax and heal during downtime.
Society Type: Neoliberal Republic.
Control Rating: You have guns but not nukes unless you’re an adept UwU.
Tech Level 8^
Brief Background Description: The world is more or less as it is today. Major difference is that there are monsters and magic.
Campaign Type MH1:6 describes the various campaign types of GURPS Monster Hunters. This campaign will be a combination of the Research Grant, Road Trip, and the Strike Team. The institute informs you of possible incursions and sends you to the scene (Strike Team aspect). Once there, it’s up to you to follow up on any leads you’ve been given and to investigate yourself (Road Trip aspect). If possible, you’ll also extract any possible technologies and techniques in controlling and combating monsters.
Suggested “Reading”/Appendix N: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dresden Files, Supernatural, The X-Files, &c.

Information for PCs

This campaign is a little different from the GURPS campaigns I’ve run before. You are required to use the character templates and motivational lenses (from Monster Hunters 1: Champions pp. 6-21) for building your characters. I’ll reconsider this if you are so angry about this that you’re willing to flip and burn a cop car for your extra unique PC, but I’d still recommend using the templates.

Starting Points: 400
Disadvantage Limit: -70 plus 5 quirks
Suggested character concepts: … Monster hunters…
Appropriate Professions: Some kind of profession with at least Status 0. Many warriors do have trades that a tradesorc would, or at least have a herd that their family maintains.
PC Races: Human or the various races given in Monster Hunters 1: Champions granted by taking the Inhuman character template.
Starting Wealth $20,000
Starting Wealth Levels Allowed Dead Broke to Filthy Rich
Wealth in the Game We will be using Cost of Living Starting Status Non-existent, effectively either social stigmas or wealth.
Languages Available Contemporary languages. Also see Monster Hunters 1: Champions p. 24.
Cultural Familiarities Available: Irrelevant.
Appropriate or inappropriate Traits and Skills: Refer to MH1:22-28.
Appropriate Patrons: Corporations, Extraplanar Spirits.
Appropriate Enemies:

Special Abilities for PCs

Exotic/Supernatural Traits: As described in Monster Hunters 1.
Cinematic Skills Yeah. Even wildcard skills are on the table.
Are PC Mages Allowed? We are using Ritual Path Magic, as described in Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic & Monster Hunters 1: Champions.
Hay psi. We’re going to call them psychogenic powers, though (you’ll earn a one-time bonus point if you pronounce them in-character with a lisp)
Sure about gadgeteering. This a crazy cinematic campaign. You’re welcome I hate it.
Unusual Background: I’m not sure how this will fit, considering the setting and the campaign.

Other Notes

Which rules are we using? For this game, the only books that’ll be essential are the Basic Set and Monster Hunters 1: Champions. I don’t anticipate using We can use Martial Arts, but I am likely only going to use the techniques. The Key is: Essential, Useful, Potentially Useful, and Superfluous.

How will character advancement work? You can earn points by several factors at separate intervals. Each session you can earn points by characterization (role-playing your character, specifically playing to his or her disadvantages); advancing the plot (which I guess just means getting shit done and completing key scenes in spectacular fashion); kicking the shit out of (properly) scary monsters and being amazing and superbly clever. Each story arc or mission you will earn more points than you would in a session for completing mission (alongside loot and some other benefits such as contacts or a favor). This may be modified by several factors. I’m still “perfecting” the rubric and when it’s done I’ll share it with you.
For spending points, you may increase a skill by only one skill level in between each session. Further, you can only improve skills that you used. “You can only spend character points to improve skills or techniques that, in the GM’s opinion, saw significant use in the adventure during which you earned the points” (their emphasis, B292).
For learning new skills, you must, before spending the points, attempt the skill at default in a stressful situation (See “Quick Learning Under Pressure,” B292). Inform me what skills you improve between each session.
Advantages vary. Some you only begin with, others you learn. Some you can improve, others only under specific and circumstances or not at all. Talk to me if you want to improve or add an advantage.
Increase attributes as normal. Devour the flesh of the innocent.

Reincarnation: Introducing New PCs Your PC died or got so mangled that he had to retire. Or, maybe, your character became fairly well off and so left the party to retire in comfort. In any case, we’re not playing Dark Dungeons (from the Chick tracts, not the retroclone – the retroclone is good) and you need to make a new character.
The point value for the new characters will be the sum of starting points and earned points. The point total of spent character points represents the power level of a character. Placing the new character at the average places them in balance with the rest of the party – depending on where the campaign is, it provides them with an advantage, since it’s easier to build rather than grow. But we’re not doing that.
Make your new character as you did your last one: use the character templates and motivational lenses. After this is done and you’ve spent the initial 400 points you may use the bonus points you’d earned (including any points you’d earned from making session reports). Spend those bonus points on things outside of the character template or in buying off any of your disadvantages.

Player Questionnaire

There is no questionnaire. Just tell me what you’re concept is and maybe write some shit down if you want me to refer to it, remember it, and get it correct and consistent.