Session 01

This is the tale of a party of unlikely allies:

Our greed has led us to step through a gate leading to a dark room. A red wizard woman named Sirana appears and speaks to us. The lich Saastam causes great suffering(1), caring only about himself and becoming a god (1). This room serves as a gate room to the doomvault, where his phylactery is supposed to be hidden. Sirana would like us to map the way through the doomvault to the phylactery. We shall be rewarded with the countless riches contained in the vast doomvault.

The doomvault is connected with two types of gates: White gates (aka doors) and black gates (aka teleportation gates). Both types of gates can only be used with a glyph key attuned to this gate. She hands us a glyph key attuned to the doomvault, we bravely step through one of the two black gates in the room. The bearer of the glyph doesn’t feel well. In a room with broken chandeliers on the ground we immediately get attacked by a vampire and his skeleton minions. He seems to be offended of us traveling without a red wizard, which seems odd as we have been sent here by a red wizard.

After killing these foul creatures a little bat tries to alarm other inhabitants of the vault by screaming “they killed Edraw, they killed Edraw”. Foar uses his cat-like bird-catching skills to catch the bat and silence him. The interrogation reveals he serves Issem, a vampire with a flamboyant distaste of red wizards. We find the vampire in the next room. He is watching a Vrok devouring poor human slaves in a pit. Cruel Saiira joins in this activity, leaving the other party member speechless. We chitchat with Issem, he seems annoyed by our presence and hands us a white-gate-glyph to leave this room, but forbids us to use stairs in the east of the room. Issems glyph opens a door in the north into a room with three circles and a door. The party immediately understands the riddle, clever (and cruel) Saiira opens the door.

We find a room with the libertine woman Penesca. She is serving the red wizards and mentions Taltram being the worst of them. She doesn’t appreciate us looking through our wardrobe and reveals her true form. Bjarni falls under her spell, gets bitten, leaving him feeling week and very disappointed of libertine women. We find some jewellery and a communication device which can be activated with black-gate glyphs. We use it to have a short chat with our dear principal Sirana, who seems very confused by our witty questions. Back in the room with pit slaves, Iseem mocks us by presenting the key to the three-circle-room. Such an outrage cannot go unpunished, so we attack the vampire and his vrok. Bjarni gets bitten again and is very disappointed of vampires. All enemies seem to attack only him. Weakened by the past bites, he succumbs to the vast overwhelming foes, while Foar plays with the slaves. Fuelled by a blind fury seeing their dearest comrade fall, Plattenman, Saiira and Foar kill the vampire who turns into fog. He tries to resurrect in his coffin, but Foar and the Vrok immediately kill him and avenge brave Bjarni. They find another glyph key and some spells.

(1) Aren’t all lichs like this? To be fact-checked